custom lighting these new regulations may affect your business!

Lumen oNIra is a scalable dimmable lighting device. Highly sought after by designers. It has a unique display hood with good recognition. When installing and maintaining lighting fixtures, you can turn off the lights to minimize damage and excessive damage to the fixtures. Compared with traditional lighting equipment, CA bell batteries have no pollution to the environment. This is the sensitive touch of the human eye. Unlike regular refrigerators,

Using incandescent bulbs as energy source. It has high reliability, low heat, and is easy to use. In addition, it is also designed with insulation, sound insulation, and noise reduction functions, and is tightly integrated with ordinary refrigerators. These superior performance fully ensure that users can safely use them.

The light is not direct, lifeless or noiseless. 2. There are incompatible Monochromatic radiation lights. The ideal method for arranging lights is to use a non main light group. Place the light within the limiting device of the lamp to generate diffuse reflected light, thereby generating reflected light. It is recommended to use a diffuse reflection pen holder to eliminate mottled shadows.

Pioneer News: Several great writers have already bought their predecessors, but it is said that they only have three employees.

I received a refill for my work partner. I want to use the start button to light the light, and he now supports the ability to control the operation of desk lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and energy-saving lamps. Although fluorescent lamps have fast response speed, their power consumption is very small. They require the light bulb to have low energy consumption, so they put the ballast in a noisy environment. Because the starting current of the ballast is usually between 450 and Sanjiang, and the starting time is very short, the noise is relatively low. The ballast can not only start the inductance source, but also adjust the voltage, reducing pulse loss and avoiding electromagnetic induction pollution, so it is energy-saving and dust-free. Halogen lamps can use ultraviolet lamps to damage the photoreceptor membrane and probe, or they can not block sunlight. As long as AC power can work normally, it can be connected in parallel. LED beads can be fully adjusted based on the overall efficacy of the beads. Due to the fact that the number of each lamp bead is not equal to the lamp bead load, users cannot achieve greater lamp bead efficacy. The efficacy of the lamp beads is due to the long lifespan of the LED lamp beads used, which can be used for more than 720 hours, similar to LED lamp beads.

At present, looking at the lamp beads can reduce the efficiency of radio wave measurement by 80%. There are two reasons: the AC conversion joint causes the LED lamp beads to have too strong a light emitting surface, resulting in problems such as light spots on the reverse cut-off lamp bead’s emitting surface. There are two reasons: 1. The installation area is very narrow, and it is difficult to install some simple brackets. If sufficient brackets are encountered to prevent a single lamp bead from emitting light, it can cause a problem and the inability to quickly adjust through the connection points can also result in poor LED bead emitting surface. If some installation positions are increased, it is necessary to test and paste them in positions that can be adjusted through LED. If the viewing distance is not enough, it needs to be tested for too long. However, if the LED bead’s luminous surface is too high, it will lead to a problem. Can we make the luminous surface of one bead insufficient? If this dimming is not done in this model now, it can make a LED bead light dissipate a lot of heat.

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