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Decorative chandelier, a statement jewelry for any room

Decorative chandelier, a statement jewelry for any room


Your home and the way you choose to decorate it influences your entire life. Your mood, your concentration, and your overall health are marked by the way your home looks and by the energy in your home. And, above all, light plays one of the most important roles in the home decor. More than a simple utility, lighting also influences our state of well-being. So, the more control over the light in each room, the better. Even more, from several sources of light, you can adapt the atmosphere of any space at the time of the day depending on what do you intend to do. You can create a romantic atmosphere for dinner or a relaxing evening to read the book you bought recently.


When it comes to the design of decorative chandeliers, you could think of them as the accessories for a stylish outfit. So, if you were to put jewelry, what kind of patterns would you choose for your house?


Classic chandeliers


Sometimes, we are looking for stories to introduce us to a state of being where we can dream, hope and always smile in order to escape from a tedious. How about your own storyteller, which you can host in your own home and will bring you a plus of elegance and style. The classic decorative chandelier.


Considered an important piece of classic design, a chandelier is an ideal invitation to enter into the mysterious world of the past. The frame of the story can be represented by the classic design chosen in your home and the main character can be yourself.


A classic chandelier is a gem of any dwelling that respects class-style design. Impressive by the imposing aspect, through the grandiosity of the shape, the rigidity of the details, the sobriety of colors and, at the same time bohemian and nostalgic. This architectural adornment that will be admired by everyone around.


Contemporary chandeliers


Contemporary design, uses curves and blurred lines, by this being different from the lines of modern design that are clearer, sharp and free.


Accordingly, contemporary decorative chandeliers assume a more minimalist design that illuminates a room with direct light from the lamps.



Modern chandeliers


Most modern design elements, ranging from furniture to the shape of cameras or luminaires, include clean and straight lines without additional details. Therefore, modern decorative chandeliers also have a modernized design and use LEDs or refractive crystal prisms or small mirrors.

Thus, modern chandeliers can be the dominant piece of any living room or dormitory arranged according to the latest trends, fitting in vintage air-conditioned rooms furnished with old and elegant bodies as well as in atypically arranged homes in a modern or futuristic style.


Choosing a suitable chandelier


A chandelier, besides general lighting, it adds ambiance and style to the room. However, choosing a suitable chandelier can be difficult. A too small chandelier can easily "lose" in a large space and will not be a design element sufficiently expressive. Equally, a too large chandelier will overwhelm the room. A suitable chandelier is proportional to the height and width of the room. Also, depending on where you want to place the decorative chandelier and how the room is decorated, you will need to match the design you choose.


For new, built-in apartments, a contemporary trend of decoration, with simple, geometric shapes and dark-light contrast, is adopted. Accordingly, if you have such a home to be organized, you will have to choose a modern decorative chandelier with simple lines and made of materials

such as plastic or metal.


If you want to add a bit of drama to your kitchen, then opt for a colorful decorative chandelier. A small chandelier adds elegance to the room, especially when you decide to use some miniature to light your kitchen furniture. But, taking into account the furniture model, even the colors of the walls and of the curtains matters, if the last piece in the puzzle is the chandelier. In dining rooms that preserve the traditional style of furniture, with massive hardwood pieces, you can choose simple, classic decorative chandelier made of metal, ceramics, and glass. For large-scale lounges, a crystal chandelier seems to be the best choice. If the height allows, you can choose a long and slightly narrow chandelier with warm tones.


If you have to accessorize it to the ceiling in a rustic house, you can choose a wooden model of the decorative chandelier, mainly rustic or vintage style.




If you hang a decorative chandelier, in any room in the house, it is recommended that the distance from the floor to the chandelier is about 2 meters. A chandelier can be hanged in any room or corner of the house, ranging from a basement to a larger dressing, taking into account the rule above. Here are some tips that you should take into account for mounting the chandelier.

Open Living Room

In an open living room, the chandelier should be centered above the coffee table, living room furniture or kitchen island. All you have to do is take into account the measurement system in the article here to find out the right diameter of the chandelier.LivingIn a classic living room, the chandelier can be hung in the center of the room or above the coffee table. In the living room, the recommended 2m height must be respected whether or not it is hanging over the coffee table. The most important aspect to be considered is whether this will be the only source of light in the living room.


The chandelier can be mounted above the bathtub only if the height of the ceiling allows a gap of at least 240 cm to the chandelier. For safety reasons, use non-electrified chandeliers. If you want to mount it in the middle of the bathroom, you have to make sure it is installed at least 90 cm from the tub.

Long hallways

For hallways, is recommend fitting the chandelier centered in the middle of the hall. If the hall is very long and you want to install more chandeliers, it’s recommended that the distance between them is between 2.40 m and 3 m. Foyer or at the entrance. The chandelier should be mounted in the middle of the room. The most important aspect is the brightness of the room since here you will create the first impression for the guests. You can opt for diffuse, dramatic light or stronger, welcoming light.

Open staircase

Choose a multi-level chandelier to get the best visual effect. In terms of location, it is important to know that there is no right answer in this regard because each house has a different design in the staircase and we have different tastes that lead to different results. However, some general tips include hanging the chandelier lower than the top of the stairs. In other words, if we are upstairs, the top of the chandelier will be at the eye level. It is recommended the independent placement of the chandelier to transform it into a central element or its fitting with other architectural aspects such as high windows or vaulted ceilings to highlight space in the unitary layout.

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