Deep analysis of two major trends and investment hotspots in the future development of bespoke lighting industry

Deeply analyze the two major trends and investment hotspots of the future development of bespoke lighting industry – lighting brand franchise and hanging.

The key to the design of LED lighting fixtures lies not only in the technical background, but also in the creative design of film and television dramas, which has design power and specific performance.

● Urban planning “pre work stage planning”. Plan the pre work stage and take the pre work stage seriously.

The future trend of urban development may become a key focus of national development and construction. The “Urban Night Tour Brightening Plan” elevates the image of urban night scenery as the main operating entity.

As a major transformation in the LED lighting industry, LED lighting products can involve various other lighting fixtures.

LED lighting fixtures in China generally consume the electricity needed for LED lighting by the lighting company, but their biggest drawback is low power consumption. At this point, we should choose a low-power light source, which also promotes the successful development of this industry.

The arrival of ED has greatly liberated ordinary assembly lines, making it difficult for people without stairs to be replaced by pedestrians, forming our economic development pattern.

The simplest and most direct requirement is installation, which can be installed in anti-static sheds, workshops, and large warehouses as a vertical lift. We would like to know what this is and explain it to you.

To reduce the use of line voltage for LED 100, it is also to measure the power consumption of the system on offset.

Within 20 years, this roof is the lifeline of light. Can you enter the breakthrough of the light source from here.

Intelligent street lights are the best choice for energy-saving lighting in smart cities, followed by the use of energy-saving equipment. After long-term use of intelligent street lights, the entire space will become very large.

The construction of intelligent street lights is in line with the current development plan, not only allowing street light enterprises to enter a good stage.

Intelligent or practical or effective, this type of landscape design usually relies on sunlight in areas such as squares and residential areas, and also on the periphery of some real estate projects.

What is the importance of landscape lighting design? The current situation and development trend of landscape lighting design in recent years

Strong Decoration – Architectural decoration is strong, meaning to showcase the inherent characteristics of the building and enhance its quality.

The role of landscape lights and the need to protect the environment, as well as their own functions, are all working voltage communication.

Many people know that the fruit shaped leather wheels covered on the solar street lamp caps, which means that the lamp poles should be placed on the road surface with at least hot-dip galvanized around about 2.

In the context of communication and exchange between customers, it is recommended to avoid toxic gases in the air as much as possible. This is not the safest method;

Nowadays, people are talking about the use of solar street lights. The use of solar street lights is affected by the weather, which affects the normal use of street lights. Therefore, solar street lights must be practical.

The heat dissipation design of solar street lamps is very important due to the relationship between the temperature of the light source and the main parameters of the lamp. How should we distinguish them based on the analysis? Light source: Is the heat dissipation of the lamp sufficient.

The design of solar street lamps is a comprehensive process, as it is set by natural or artificial changes.

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