Design ideas for hospitality lighting projects

The design concept of the hospitality lighting project is very complex, with a clear overall positioning of the transparent landscape, which can increase the roof and make the main body above the height become a strong light circuit as the main light source.

The hospitality lighting project is a reshaping of the overall image and commercial atmosphere of the hotel commercial street, highlighting the overall commercial atmosphere and the outline of the engineering building.

The overall design rhythm of the hotel commercial street is relatively casual, making it a comfortable habitat, a leisure and leisure scenic area, and even a private space. Night lighting should reshape the design of the light source, restoring the hotel’s style and characteristics as much as possible, and creating a suitable night trip.

The trend of unlit commercial streets and the lack of emphasis on innovation in lighting planning and design are very cumbersome, requiring us to fully integrate them. The resulting effect will create a relaxed mood for the public, and lighting design should be particularly negative.

Floodlight lighting design is a new type of professional lighting enterprise that integrates technology, aesthetics, customization, and overall integration with “surface” walls, street facades, building spaces, planning, and comfort. From another perspective, designers or architects should comprehensively consider the selection of light sources and people-oriented lighting methods, especially in the application of different lighting methods such as “face” wall lamps, wall or pedestrian lights.

When traditional lamps and lamp products meet the customer’s usage conditions, they should enter a specific working state. LED lights in Shanghai.

The diameter units used for LED light-emitting tubes worldwide are Φ 10 to Φ twenty Φ, More power than LED, it is one of the top 10 advantages of LED technology. It is the world’s largest LED semiconductor merchant, the world’s largest recent lighting, and the world’s brightest LED bulb manufacturer. LED radar bulbs are currently the brightest LED bulbs, with the world’s brightest LED bulbs, LED candle lights, and even LED light strings that are endless.

LED lighting technology continues to grow rapidly, providing new energy and electricity sources for the lighting industry. LED lighting has high light efficiency. The advantages of color saturation, long lifespan, uniformity and controllability are gradually replacing the existence of other light sources. Instead of LED lighting, outdoor lighting is widely used, such as guardrail, ground cage, wall spring, column head, characteristic light, garden light, sculpture, mercury lantern, light box, projection light, fountain, sculpture, Christmas lights, landscape greening, park, 30 infrared LED bulb light, garden light, LED building lighting, decorative light, etc., and government lighting practitioners.

LED has become the most valuable light source in the 21st century. From its appearance, we can see that traditional LED lighting fixtures are not only exposed at the bottom, but also use materials that have been predicted. Coupled with great thermal buffering, the application of LED light sources has created a unique environment for LED lighting fixtures.

LED lighting fixtures are currently widely used in major cities, towns, and villages. Solar street lights can play a very good advertising role and have entered thousands of households. So, what are the advantages of LED solar street lights compared to traditional street lights?

What can LED street lights do in the later period? 1. The renewable new energy of multi-year solar street light panel has increased the alternating absorption power, which is good for converting into electromagnetic energy. The reason why this kind of solar street light panel is also used (common Electric vehicle battery battery failure).

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