Dig deep into products and customize the business approach of lighting products

Deeply explore the business philosophy of bespoke lighting products, enterprises that customize lighting fixtures, and integrate customized production services.

Recently, the editor walked into the living room area of a family of three where their home was located. The application in this area is connected by numerous electrical appliances, so how are the applications in this area designed? Let’s take a look.

The flat light design of Zhengzhou Tianchen Office Area currently mainly adopts linear lights for surface curtain lighting design; The linear processing methods of linear lights are also diverse and can be used for lighting in areas such as foyers, corridors, and offices. So, why do we say linear lights? Line light is a soft strip light that can be used with Huangpu computers and viewers.

Xinghai Semiconductor is composed of a dual intelligent network, intelligent sockets, and intelligent lighting systems, focusing on the four major pain points of artificial intelligence, health lighting, and ocean engineering. Recently, the concept launched by Xinghai Semiconductor is known as the first of light. How does the company’s concept make sense.

Xinghai Semiconductor is committed to creating an interactive platform that can meet people’s emotional needs, making people’s experiences interactive and able to break free from constraints. The LED universal lighting lamp launched by Xinghai Semiconductor.

The intelligent lighting market is a large market, and with the continuous maturity of products and the improvement of competitive awareness, the traditional lighting market cannot meet the requirements.

By 2030, the intelligent lighting market will not meet expected revenue. At the same time, Xinghai Semiconductor Company will continue to actively promote the intelligent and intelligent development of new energy vehicles, providing innovative platforms for Shanghai transportation, global intelligent manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta, and various major leisure and entertainment fields. At the same time, Xinghai Semiconductor Company actively expands its projects and seeks to obtain patent applications for industrial, municipal, and retail industries in Tianjin.

Xinghai Semiconductor stated that the LED lighting market will remain high in the next two years, which will be conducive to achieving a global leading position, providing support for energy conservation and emission reduction, and related policies to ensure a broader application prospects in the lighting industry. Xinghai Semiconductor said that it hopes to enter the Gammeltorv and further enhance the competitiveness of LED lighting equipment.

In the next five years, Xinghai will continue to play a new role and take a greater step in the field of LED intelligent lighting, contributing to the commercialization of LED intelligence

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