Do you know all seven aspects of the hospitality lighting industry?

Do you know all seven aspects of the hospitality lighting industry? Customized hospitality lighting solutions are mainly tailored based on the occasion and business needs, covering a wide range of areas. Next, Chengdu Lighting Design Company will discuss the precautions for customizing hospitality lighting.

Lighting fixtures on suspended ceilings are generally applied to some ceilings, and a high-power light source lamp is installed, which is characterized by a very soft light source and easy coverage.

Install energy-saving lights directly on the suspended ceiling. The suspended ceiling is usually equipped with wires and professional lighting design is used, or wire combination lighting or various pipeline lighting will be replaced.

Generally speaking, indoor dim lights and ceiling lights, such as grille lights, down lights, chandeliers, spotlights, etc., use different lighting fixtures with different performance, and their effects can be demonstrated.

Of course, there are also sockets inside. For example, when selecting sockets, we usually connect 2-3 sets. When selecting sockets, the switch of the light is directly controlled, so the spacing between switches is often determined, which is also a test of space.

The ceiling and wall lights are one piece on the left and right, which makes the sky even darker. The light installation is too pleasant, will the TV continue to be used.

The characteristic of flat ceiling lamps is that they can be hung on the top surface, without forming shadows when facing them, and when placed on the top, it will cause upper shadows.

Surface mounted ceiling lights can provide an overall main tone of uniform lighting. In relatively dark areas, only weak light is needed to provide sufficient illumination.

Kitchen and bathroom ceiling lights have become an ecological advantage of the Internet of Things, and more and more functions or functional designs will be implemented through intelligent control. Surface mounted ceiling lights have become the preferred choice for wall lights, with intelligent control functions that can be paired with various intelligent sensors, such as remote control, automatic reset function, and automatic theater scene switching function. This type of intelligent control is not limited to these, but can meet the application needs of different scenarios.

Ceiling fan lights have variable frequency and ultra high speed heat dissipation capabilities, but require the installation of stable constant current power supplies, chips, driver leveling, ceiling lights, coil switches, and other power supplies.

The restaurant chandeliers are equipped with Italian ETC fans and modern, low consumption, and efficient IoT control methods to create a luxurious dining atmosphere, allowing every family and restaurant food to automatically change according to their dining needs, creating a focused dining environment for guests.

The intelligent lighting control system for restaurant chandeliers is applied to hotel space design, hospitality lighting, commercial space lighting, etc. With the development of LED technology and the strengthening of energy conservation and emission reduction, hospitality lighting design is also constantly improving. LED can use CRI90 and ADC-ADC12 pressure sharing light sources, which significantly improve brightness compared to ceramics, and its tone adjustment can be comparable to the colors at that time. Moving from a professional perspective to a diversified music field demonstrates the inhibitory effect of light on music improvement.

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