Do you know the cost of custom lighting for these sea freight containers?

Do you know the cost of custom lighting for these sea freight containers? There’s no need to correct anything. Carefully plan and integrate each box to simplify our operations.

LED lighting decoration reminder words: LED light strip brands are more home friendly, and manufacturers of warm light strips are welcome to choose.

American Xiangdeng is also a good place for decoration in the malls and stores illuminated by the exclusive stores at the front of the Clothes shop, which has an amazing schedule in 2016.

The selection of lighting colors for home layering must be created by the design of the store, humanization, and lighting.

● Nowadays, young people prefer to buy fluorescent products in Clothes shop. When shopping at the mall, the choice of lighting colors for the store can be described as diverse, with a variety of reflective dish lights, tube lights, and elliptical bubble lights.

The brand new and rich American style Xiangdeng store lighting extends from the store to the suspended ceiling, wooden doors, and gypsum lamps, making people feel refreshing and concise. The display from the right side of the entrance to the corridor is quite tall and upscale, and this layout allows the lighting to be flat and more practical.

At the same time, brown, black, and white can create a warm atmosphere. Upgrade to a new hybrid lighting fixture – hybrid lighting fixture. At the same time, it can make the original home more charming, while increasing the level of lighting. Even if it is an irregular lighting style, it can also enrich the space a bit.

The layout of lighting can increase the sense of hierarchy in the space, extending from the store to the design of sculpted walls and light points. By filling the space with lighting, it adds a bit of fun, just like moving furniture, bringing the environment and art into one’s emotions, making the home resonate.

The key point is: – the lighting design of different styles, which means wrapping the product around the light source and designing it through a colorful high-frequency restoration, making the space feel more active.

There are various beam angles for spotlights that can be selected according to needs, but they are suitable for making boutique shop lights, spotlights, down lights, or spotlights, and are generally used in areas with prominent lighting points.

The key point is that in order to restore the texture of clothing, downlights, spotlights, and downlights are commonly used to provide local lighting and enhance decoration.

Downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded into the ceiling and emits downward light. Unlike the design of ceiling lights, it does not require the installation of fans or excessive consumption of sunlight.

Spotlight is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling and emits light downwards. There are two most common types: one is used to turn off the lights, and the other is to use a beam of light to achieve local lighting. Another type is used as a large area window for light sources.

The most common type is track lights, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Compared to traditional tracks, magnetic absorption track lights are more flexible and lightweight, making them very suitable for use in large outdoor places.

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