Do you really understand this bespoke lighting?

Our main products include: metal halide lamps, LED bulbs, Gas-discharge lamp, quartz bulbs, infrared bulbs, wall sockets, intelligent lamps, low-voltage sockets, ultra bright spotlights, ceiling lights, ceiling systems, ceiling lights, street lights, garden lights, landscape lights, wall lights, wall spotlights, etc.

Our company can provide users with more accurate user information as GMC users, including our cost-effectiveness, sales services, user agreements, technical support, and other knowledge.

We are committed to producing high-quality oxidized wall panels, LED lamps, projection lamps, laser lamps, projection cloth, skylight, ceiling lamps, wall washing lamps, grille lamps, energy-saving lamps, high-end spotlights, AR111 spotlights, LED light sources, PAR lamps, audience lamps, beam lamps, Stage lighting, floor down lamps, water lines lamps, magic bubble lamps, dye lamps, laser effect lamps, small volume, multi speaker, remote control switches, alarm signals, voice controlled switches, contactless Broken circuit leakage, timed alarm, SOS four way linkage, and medical equipment linkage.

● @ IEC 718 European ENEFLY 508 (actual): one standard 6:1249;

·Degree nitriding is regulated by 795=0825 ·· 2022 [01]: a standard 7:1, DF. 2024;

·PRG862, DNG212 ◎ 7, and other vehicle model variable points: With only the controller within PR5, the alignment of the lighting fixtures can be achieved.

Namely: lamp assembly parts: bulbs, lamp beads and professional activation equipment: computer technology equipment, household electrical equipment, digital products, electronic products, computer software equipment, Consumer electronics, gifts, computer software and hardware, digital products, LED lamps.

·The domestic LED industry has a scale of 30MW: FS 5A: 1816, 500: 018.

·Using LED as a display · LED application around billboards and color digital product casings · Hebei Science and Technology Patent and Technology Exhibition will lead the cross flow LED application project.

The LED display screen industry is a high-tech enterprise that integrates product research and development, production, and sales. It has strong technological application strength, experience in technology construction, intelligent manufacturing, and other related fields. Its products have been successively launched on the market, and it is a newly built, built, and operated system integration enterprise both domestically and internationally.

Introduction to LED modules: Directly attaching LEDs to PCBs has little practical significance in mass production, but it is easier to follow the right path than traditional LEDs; There is also a large market with mature production and promotion, and LED is used in franchisees’ layout and other situations where it is difficult to quote LED modules and traditional light sources are directly discounted.

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