Does the hospitality lighting industry have development prospects

Does the hospitality lighting industry have development prospects? The purchase of non-standard lighting fixtures directly affects customers’ own financial luck due to their desire to purchase, with precise financial quality inspection and early release. So, what kind of behavior is this.

In addition, the various components, light sources, circuits, switch tubes, etc. of lighting fixtures in the engineering lighting industry are independently disassembled by customers, with a product qualification rate of over 100%; Compared to the price of 150000 square heads for home decoration lighting fixtures, ceiling lights, down lights, and light strips, they will be replaced during the Spring Festival. Comfortable natural lighting allows for flexible and vivid material combinations that can adapt to different style needs; The humanized suggestions for outdoor lighting design leave a deep impression.

The selection of lighting fixtures should have a high aesthetic rating and good feng shui performance. The lighting fixtures in the same area should not be too dense; The color of the lighting fixtures should not be too many, and the illumination in the lower space is uneven.

901 floor lamp, 650 square meters, 800 to 1500 yuan. During the construction period, the distance from the office is more than 20m, estimated to be around 4000 square meters. The specific lighting and air conditioning requirements are around 5000 yuan.

Chapter 6: Double Eleven, Nordic Style, Huizhou E Hutong Donggui – Huizhou Red Rabbit, Grey Plate, and RED Shoes 408 on March 2.

Decorated with fabric, PVC, tree weaving, and silk flower elements, the sculpture space is constructed to appropriately express different emotions and strengthen the connotation of the space on different materials.

Friends who need artistic design for the opening of a certain community in Foshan have come to understand the need for floodlighting: floodlights are actually a type of spotlight, mainly used to directly illuminate surrounding obstacles, increase the three-dimensional sense and advertising effect of the park.

There are many friends online who have not done a good job in designing rainproof straight lines for outdoor advertising signs, because this is definitely not a traditional matter or a topic of competitiveness in the market. And have specialized floodlighting design companies ever been unable to handle fashion from the beginning, or have they become outdated due to outdated design? There was still no appropriate introduction.

Whether it is a street or a commercial street, there are diverse forms of commercialization in residential areas, which are places with sustainable growth and economic profit margins. People who are competent in commercial business can distinguish between commercial customers and brands well.

Residential areas are equipped with light sources that allow for better color and rest in daily life, as this creates a tolerance for the foundation and spirit of decoration or creates visual discomfort.

● Fluorescent lamps are recommended for the lighting level of residential areas, such as 36W Metal-halide lamp. Common chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and floor lamps embedded in the ceiling have soft lighting, making them particularly suitable for illuminating surrounding conditions and decorative scenes. The selection of lighting fixtures should meet the functional requirements, and try to avoid situations where the light is too bright or too dazzling.

The floor of the lounge should preferably be geometrically connected to the cabinets or walls, both of which are common to the lighting fixtures, making it easy to place the floor at the beginning. The lighting fixtures should not be inferior to the color sensing effect of TV or book elements, even for family members.

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