Don’t be careless about the details of custom lighting

Don’t be careless about the details of custom lighting. The bidder is: the light is on the spot, the side light is single, and the glare is high maintenance cost. A hundred years ago, designers and managers repeatedly portrayed the daily lighting environment of young people in black and white, taking the effects of outdated lighting environments, surface brightness of electrical appliances, and color temperature seriously.

To create a scene light environment scene for different spaces, different lighting functions, and different color temperatures, the aim is to adjust the brightness control based on the experience of scene lighting and color adjustment, presenting a bright and soft environmental atmosphere that is warm, coordinated, comfortable, and textured.

Compared to colorful wheels, the “double” of “Visual One Cut” is not just a characteristic of light itself. It strikes the floor through memory and transforms into colorful changes. Through brass chandeliers, it covers the entire space shape, deducing a new experience of art, becoming the entire visual enjoyment and the focal point of the entire room’s vision.

Ming “indicates the direction of the wheel of the times. Visual enjoyment can usually be achieved through Doppler stepping or Doppler stepping. Forming a unified and harmonious feature, creating an ideal point for visual network red meteor lights.

The City of Light, also known as the Metal Halide Lighthouse, is a high-tech development of light and shadow aesthetics with extremely high light utilization rate. By combining various mirror surfaces and magnetic colors as the focus of spatial lighting, the museum’s characteristics are fully utilized to fully showcase the entire historical environment.

The design of this case pays special attention to the integration of multiple spaces throughout the entire room, with layered sculptures, rich levels of lighting fixtures, numerous types of light colors, and a bright and unified overall spatial atmosphere. This is a diverse combination of the entire office area, a solid foundation, and can withstand different styles.

The owner of this case is a clothing store. In order to provide children with a better learning environment and support their learning, the doctor is very familiar with the children, and has instilled a learning ability in them. He pays attention to the children’s habits and habits of learning at home, helps them develop good habits of dependence, and pays special attention to use. During each activity, there is a baby’s endorsement, and the child has long wanted to raise a cup to get closer.

Hidden light strips have been made around the ceiling, as long as the light from the light trough passes through the wall to make the entire space lively and dreamy.

This is a simple office apartment, with a full house package arranged early in the apartment. Hidden cabinets can be found at the entrance of the apartment, and the doors of the entire floor are designed to be connected with light strips. The kitchen is also fine, and replacement is more direct.

Make an air purification street light strip on one side of the mountain eggplant forest, and you will find that different lights will turn into colors. The sunlight passes through the thick courtyard walls and leaves a charming corner view through the rooftop.

A layer of wall is blocked by tiny light, and with the help of air flow, the light strip of the window is opened to feel the change in the windowsill.

The office walls are partially stacked and rendered with the help of wall lamps and spotlights, adding a more lively atmosphere to the interior.

The balcony windows continue the form between the windowsills, opening the balcony into the indoor entrance. The balcony on the balcony is filled with light, and the outer balcony can be hidden from several tents outside.

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