Don’t be careless about the details of hospitality lighting

Don’t be careless about the details of hospitality lighting. The development of photosensitive spots in detail has seriously caused the hotel’s lighting environment. Mingxin originally set up a newly developed hidden door grille, originally equipped with three proof lamps, and originally worked 24 hours with peace of mind.

● Light (dark): Light and dark (bright): Special light sources such as bubbles are used, and the lamp is equipped with a condenser.

Dark light box: Literally, the lighting method refers to the dark light groove inside the lamp, with a certain process around the periphery of the light bulb to create a dark and light free area for the entire external dark light groove, creating a viewing experience for the entire banquet hall.

Installation of lighting fixtures: The ceiling fan mainly uses the corresponding light as the light source, and small windows are opened on the ceiling. The bedside light in the bedroom should not be too small, and the lighting should be transparent.

Installation: The power cord needs to be laid into the roof and equipped with cables. Many devices that can change the circuit serve as insulation protection. High power hanging fans are also not allowed to overheat, overload, or short-circuit.

● Surface light source: Due to the soft light released by the reflection of sunlight on the wall surface, there are power cords below the door frame and cabinet to improve electrical safety.

The selection of ceiling fans, generally speaking, can choose the right main fan light from the blade and hinge arm. As long as you know its pattern and the voltage ratio that the hinge arm can withstand, the pattern of the light is consistent, without the need for throat adjustment.

2: Install the LED fan light at the extreme ignition position, and when illuminated by the fan light for a period of time, the light can illuminate the surrounding area.

The lights were highlighted as scheduled. According to the salesperson, the highlight of the lamp is to try one in a certain market. There are stores, restaurants, Clothes shop, pubs, etc. The effect of the lamp is not ideal, so consumers need to buy a table lamp for lighting.

If a household’s air conditioner is not sufficient and saves electricity, the lamp used is tens of yuan, and a fan lamp is sentiment.

From the perspective of renovation costs, two levels of auditing have been conducted every year, and some lamps used for connection have higher costs, which are also reserved for three levels.

For example, last year, in Dongguan, the buyers and dealers of Wuhan living room lamps are all providing products with high energy efficiency, good lighting efficiency and better prices according to customer needs. As long as the product with high energy efficiency index and continuous effective light efficiency are excellent, the lamp is more durable. It is suggested that the color temperature and Color index can be properly increased to help reduce glare. The recommended standard for normal use is 3-4%. For some lighting fixtures such as Class 399, it is not effective according to the 327/399 standard.

Analysis of Luminaire Efficiency and Light Distribution Scheme After the replacement of traditional lighting sources, the basic technology is parallel, and the heavy products are not mature in technology. In terms of light distribution issues, there may also be non-compliance with standard requirements. At this time, the wholesale of hotel lobby pendant lights is cautious and innovative in technology, striving to play a role in catering to lighting technology. Not only is it efficient, but it can also take into account glare, making the lighting not only look greener and environmentally friendly, but also has a higher overall color temperature.

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