Elevate brand value and customize lighting products to empower and break through the terminal in both directions

Elevating brand value, customizing lighting products to empower breakthrough terminals in both directions, allowing lighting products to present a century of deep development.

No flicker start, no flicker process, belongs to the bright light fish selling tank, with a 500m per kilogram area and a 1500m per kilogram area, achieving the dream of fishing brocade on 50% of fish orders.

Without flickering, it belongs to the unremitting pursuit of craftsmen. Breaking the rigid thinking of pure light environment and the concept of “floating in the air”, the appearance is simple, direct to use, visible, comfortable, and low-end, and the visual effect is more comfortable.

Realizing no flicker belongs to the unremitting pursuit of craftsmen. Breaking the rigid thinking of pure light environment, adopting direct lighting, the appearance lines are smooth and delicate, making the lighting experience more comfortable. Due to the integration of countless magnetic energy, module magnetic energy, and track magnetization technology, the magnetic visible circuit has superior emission power and power consumption compared to similar lighting fixtures, greatly saving construction costs. Due to its special stability (contact, radiation, acoustics, power, audio, and edge), its design height ranges from 3 meters to 5 meters. It uses a multi axis combination method with special tonality, allowing for free selection of different focusing lenses and a very large internal space. High quality accessories, carefully selected high-quality and durable spatial optical components, dimming and color adjustment to meet the lighting needs of different TV walls.

The dimming method is mainly used for “ceiling shading”, “wall decoration decoration”, “column lighting”, “headboard dark yellow”, “computer shaking and flashing”, and “no light area” lighting to design “beam angle” and use different beam angle glare to handle.

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming, from 0 to 100% perfect dimming system without dark area.

Color temperature: around 6000K (amber), around 3000K (yellow), around 3000K (black), around 3000K (pink).

Horizontal/vertical: the horizontal scanning angle is 540 ° (16bit precision scanning), and the vertical scanning angle is 270 ° (16bit precision scanning). The use of three-phase motor not only provides fast and smooth scanning and eliminates transmission noise, but also has a variety of friction coefficients to maintain the standardized table of the balanced movement of the lamp body and the safe use of the lamp body.

Built in program that automatically preheats xenon gas, massages xenon gas, and transmits the softening effect of the light guide plate to the top.

Color temperature setting: The display panel’s color, brightness, mechanical strength of the lamp body, movement speed, projector rise, color and pattern changes can all be specially packaged according to your requirements.

Color temperature control: There are 40 to 240 steps, each step with a standard color temperature of 40 to 60ns to meet different meat requirements. Flus: accurate, fast, and clean.

The professionally designed XY axis motor output can control 110 lamps and provide 220 steps.

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