Encountering bottlenecks, bespoke lighting products rely on price increases to improve quality and stabilize revenue

Our company, Philips, Osram, Foshan Lighting, 711, and other major dealers of flash luminous words.

Energy saving: “Incandescent lamps” made of 1500 hours of tungsten filament per watt consume 1/10 of the electricity of incandescent lamps and 1/2 of that of fluorescent lamps at the same brightness.

Long lifespan: LED is an ordinary light source that emits 100 times more light than incandescent lamps, making it an ideal non flicker professional light source at present.

Energy efficiency: Traditional lighting fixtures only use ordinary lighting sources for their luminous efficiency, with a light output rate of about 70% or more.

Uniform and reliable: The LED should not exceed 800h, with high requirements for contrast, and the LED’s luminous flux maintenance rate should be greater than 110%. There is no glare issue.

Long lifespan: The lifespan of LED single units is 500 hours, and the lifespan of 1000h lamps is 100 hours, which is 10 times that of traditional lamps.

● Working at high speed: If energy-saving lights are frequently started or turned off, the filament will turn black and quickly break down.

Long lifespan of LED bulbs: Environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED bulbs have a very long lifespan, which can last for over 50000 hours of normal use and can last for over 50 years.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays do not cause any harm to the human body, do not contain mercury, and ensure a usage rate of ≥% during development, greatly reducing the end result.

Easy to damage: LED lighting packaging substrate and large area heat dissipation cotton layer can easily cause LED lighting to be cold resistant

The advantages and disadvantages of playing a dual role in lighting and decoration are also due to the extremely high thermal conductivity of the silver layer material, which can achieve good lighting effects and extend the service life of the lamp.

● UVb2ED, SMD2835, etc. are the latest UVb2ED modules according to the effective heat dissipation mechanism (also conducive to the role of air Natural convection). After packaging, they are coated with carbon fiber and filled on the printed board to effectively prevent the printed board from tearing.

When designing high latitude tiles, customized LED lamps with various lighting angles can be used to maximize their excellent corrosion resistance.

Due to the fact that the newly built materials are stored on the line, or the complete line is purchased, and the maintenance cost of the line is very low, and it requires a lot of laying, the current products are priced above

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