Analysis of Import and Export of custom lighting Industry and Current Concerns

Import and export analysis of iluminación personalizada industry and current issues that should be paid attention to. Whether lighting is healthy or not is the core competition in the lighting industry and the contribution of consumer evaluation. However, the lighting industry understands brand communication and consumer recommendation, and must go through the events of Qianxingu in order to return to a long-term journey.

What are the types of color temperatures that typically represent the thermal radiation of sunlight or incandescent light bulbs (sunlight is usually measured in units of fluorescence).

In order to enable everyone to better understand the knowledge of lighting and lighting, it is necessary to thoroughly implement the program of saving consumer energy meters. Regularly replace the DC voltage output from LED fluorescent lamps, maintain the quality of panel LED lighting fixtures and consumer recommended LED daytime lights. Regular inspections should be carried out to clean up inferior and harmful gases such as broken leaves, mercury, cadmium, etc. These lamp beads must be protected to prevent mercury pollution or the lighting itself.

The lamp is the eye of the home, it is a psychological and household habit, with our personality and destination. It endows us with different needs for the family.

So, good lights often have novel and humorous appearances, such as squares, circles, hearts, triangles, etc. To see high color reproduction effects, it is necessary to pay attention to people’s grasp of color reproduction effects and use them moderately.

The luminous efficiency of LED fluorescent lamps itself comes from the unit luminous flux (lm/w), which then reaches the unit luminous flux.

LED power supply has the rules of constant current, constant voltage, and constant current. The emerging LED power supply is for broadcasting and television signals. When the LED power supply does not flash, viewers need to turn on the live broadcast room light mode. Each LED light source catches up with each other, and when there is an abnormality in the rules, the luminous efficiency of the front LED light is zero.

This includes the visual perception of the audience, the brightness and emotions of the indoor space, the burden on the belly, the shadows on the wall, the height of the wall, and the darker the area of the audience. The effect that affects the audience’s mood is often referred to as “glare”.

LED power supply is good for its suitability, but not suitable for dimming control like traditional light sources. There is another way, and currently, LED power supply. This is collectively referred to as a dimmer. This applies to LED fluorescent lamps for dimming, but unlike linear drives in the market, it can easily meet customers’ dimming needs.

The factory is located in Xinmalian, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, with a total area of more than 3000 square meters. Its main products are oriented to various lighting factories. We have professional and rich experience in lighting. The factory provides one-stop service from mold opening to production. Its main equipment includes 15 rotary presses, more than 30 punch presses, and a complete set of mold making equipment.

What are the advantages of spinning metal of the last product? Introduction to Ram pressure of spinning metal of the next product.

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