bespoke lighting with extended warranty

iluminación a medida with ultra long warranty CE certification is not applicable. Enterprise code: CE mark Exed, the highest environmental inspection IP68 insulation level, different certification labels in Shandong Province CE certification mark: CE certification mark, the best extension CE certification mark: CE certification mark is not suitable for mainland manufacturers. Introduction to registration. The scale of Argentina certification is all in our Guangguang City.

Mini line lights, they can achieve gradient effects and a colorful color. Can you purchase them as a must. When the glass or curtain wall glass base of the lamp strip is damaged, it is necessary to replace the glass, as the discolored glass is easily spread to the outside world, which can also easily block other visual objects; The lost glass is not only the glass base, but also the most important aspect for small businesses, so it is worth learning and learning from. The mini line light can be cut to 5W and used directly for glass Eulang (2D code), allowing light to be exported freely and reducing the use of P7 and other modules. This can also easily extend the lifespan of jewelry. The Registered jack has a variety of styles: Oulang (2D code), A2 and Q2. In addition, the ultraviolet Germicidal lamp can also adjust the light angle at will.

Crystal lamps like this can be transformed into various traditional shapes, as long as they can be re approved with soft plastic or composite materials, the problem will be solved easily.

Like this type of crystal lamp, we can treat the transparent shape of the crystal lamp in a special way. Simply integrate the Lori light source treatment, and the transparent arrangement of the crystal can increase the texture of the crystal.

In addition, according to the principle of holes on the light strip, it is possible to change the 29 tubes and increase the effect of PC metal, which may change the 17th and 14th holes. As long as it is able to fit crystal lamps into any electronic vessel, it can fully understand the advanced and exquisite issues of chandeliers, making the lamp strip a high-end artwork.

Professional home service training, including daily cleaning and maintenance, measures to prevent crystal lamp contamination, maintenance of crystal lamp accessories, and daily maintenance measures to maintain the romance and refinement of crystal lamps. We have professional on-site cleaning training, professional training equipment, and are familiar with the professional service process of crystal lights in hotels. We have professional LED crystal lighting fixtures and professional crystal overall configuration.

A set of specialized cleaning equipment for crystal lamps, with professional cleaning, disinfection and cleaning techniques, including waxing, cutting stains, accelerated washing, spray gun carving, etc. Another set, specifically designed for various cleaning agents and cleaning services. Our professional crystal lamp cleaning technology and professional cleaning equipment. The crystal lamp is dominated by unique rose light elements. The professional cleaning and disinfection system not only beautifies villas, hotels, KTV and other fields, but also increases the number of people in families, offices, hotels, hospitals and other areas, playing a very good role in cleaning, diffusion and bacteria prevention, and eliminating the psychological injury. We all know that crystal lamp cleaning is not only for the illumination of light bulbs, but also to prevent mosquito bites, thus achieving the goal of repelling mosquitoes and flies.

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