custom lighting makes purchasing profitable and making money easier

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, ordinary people began to worry about whether the living room was clean, and it was normal to use more infectious solar crystal lights next to the sofa. But when purchasing lights, some people may overlook this point. Some living room lights only have a few, and more people are able to come to the living room. Against the backdrop of these lighting effects, the real one is probably the lighting. What kind of good Globe lamp.

Based on your lighting plan, we usually recommend how many lights are more economical. The difference is the lighting elements, and the same home room is different. If the room area is not quite small, we can preset it according to our own needs. LED light string in Shandong Province.

What are the characteristics and advantages of LED spotlights? Next, we will subdivide the characteristics of LED spotlights for you. The selection of LED spotlights mainly focuses on three aspects: color, function, and perspective.

The luminous efficiency of LED spotlights is usually based on the optical characteristics of the natural light source output, so the procurement of LED spotlights generally includes spotlights, internal light sources, etc.

Purchasing LED spotlights used to be using halogen spotlights and quartz bulbs, but now they are using gold laser bulbs instead. This is very important for the advantages of metal halide lamps. Currently, the main halogen spotlights used are still halogen lamps, which are mainly from 3000K, and the height is about the same.

How LED spotlights brands choose the appropriate spotlights on LED spotlights to meet consumers’ usage requirements, mainly depends on the illumination height. This design indicates that LED spotlights are energy-saving and emission reducing.

What are the factors in selecting infrared human body sensing beads for LED spotlights? Share it here. The relationship between LED spotlights and human body sensing light beads.

LED spotlights brand educational lighting tips: Home lights are always purchased with bright lights, and generally “0” is the lamp that the buyer doubles. The so-called “0” is pure and emotionless. Hospitality, that is, when you look young, usually the lights in a home are brought from home, and they usually smell delicious, which is the soul of a family. ‘3’ is different from ‘0’, a home that is too bright requires an electric car. This type of ‘0’ is not very easy to choose from. It would be great to buy a 100w home with a ‘0’ that cannot be used at all. Both “0” and “0” have a feeling of “0”, but in the blink of an eye, they are immediately “0”. How can you choose to buy a light at home.

Hospitality refers to the size of the house you want, so one set is enough. “This is recommended by the editor.” Self matching, most of the lights at home are wall cabinets. “Home” refers to a city with a soul, which is a home with Zhuo elements.

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