Do not choose the wrong container commonly used for hospitality lighting freight!

Do not choose the wrong container commonly used for hospitality lighting freight! Xi’an customized price – LED street lamp production precautions.

Technological Improvement of LED Luminaires – Improving the Quality of Lighting Luminaires – Improving the Lighting System while Better Extending the Gathering of People

Energy saving of LED intelligent Photosystem – using rare earth three primary color phosphor, also known as plasma filament mercury vapor discharge system, is an ideal alternative to traditional T5 fluorescent tubes. It has stable, long and soft characteristics, which can create good lighting effects and avoid security accidents. To achieve low energy consumption organic combination, compared to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps, regardless of energy saving.

Intelligent lighting: Through an intelligent control system, daily control is achieved, and it can run on demand at different times, even automatically adjust the brightness according to different programs, achieving rich and colorful dynamic changes. It is a bright and delicate lighting system that can provide comfortable static and dynamic lighting for most people.

The ability to convert natural light into good materials solves the problem of tilting the biological cabinet, increases the three-dimensional sense between materials, and organically combines low energy consumption to maintain the harmony of the main body.

For human development, using semiconductor LED street lights is a lamp with infinite potential. Its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable, and unique patented technology make it applicable in more fields,

Our company now has 12 companies with the highest Radiance of the company’s business, online with the latest products of Joy, excellent products, excellent services, and high-quality prices. Our company has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing lighting fixtures, and has nearly 5000 colleagues, services, and laboratories.

Vop Lighting is committed to making long-term contributions to our cause. We advocate the goal of “driving”, the business policy of “satisfying users and creating a company brand”, and continuously pursue the goal of “respecting talents, improving technological progress capabilities” to meet customer satisfaction.

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