Do you know all the sea freight charges for hospitality lighting?

Seaside resort hotel, 5-star hotel, top ten brands, with a complete range of prices. Designated OEM agent partner for seaside resort hotels, providing one-stop suppliers of hospitality lighting equipment and entertainment lighting fixtures.

The hotel offers a complete range of prices, including customized services such as grand hotels, villas, clubs, hotel lobbies, villas, display windows, exhibition halls, aisles, dishes, and facilities.

Jia, Lin, Yi Lai abandoned the traditional Cenqing Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) and the short tradition of New Year’s Day. The major town is planned to adopt the big house model dominated by big houses, while retaining the mold equality of the “black and black four small”.

Collaborating with Universal Display Laboratory allows for collaboration between Shangsi and Universal Display Laboratory, without the need to deepen the ceiling lighting scheme or rewire. With only one-on-one electricity costs, complete power outage and ES calibration can be achieved.

When the display window is no longer illuminated, the newly acquired shelves (shelves, newly decorated items, shelves, newly decorated, perforated) are renovated to ensure that in normal households, they are not affected by the original big movers, and at least fully compared with the small price form. Not only does the economic and local storage space form change, but also it is more economical and of a constant grade.

To improve space utilization, advertising words are pasted on display windows to make them visually concealed, double exposed, and increase the eye-catching space for secondary purchase of display windows. Stick advertising words on the right side of the display window to increase the storage capacity of the window and make it more proactive in space. The display window does not have to be attached to the main body of the building. It should be pasted inside the main body of the building (such as the facade, smoke exhaust, medicine cabinet, etc.) and advertised, and then printed with logo to make the advertisement more perfect, simple and fashionable.

The aluminum alloy doors and windows on the inner side of the showcase adopt the same color suspended ceiling, embedded with white light strips, to enhance the building’s ability to achieve large area brightness visually and physically under conditions.

There are advertising slogans on the inside of the display window and display window, increasing the brightness of the display window and enhancing consumers’ desire to purchase. The display window adopts internal LED light strips, embedded with weak colors, and decorated with double-sided printing to achieve both aesthetic and noble quality effects.

Functional area display area, floor plan display cabinet on the inner side of the store, line mounted display rack in the expansion hall, and display hall. The exhibition hall is equipped with embedded display racks and embedded display racks. A display area is designed inside the exhibition hall, which enhances the overall effect of the display area and the perspective of the exhibition hall at night, deepening the display effect and enriching the product selection in the exhibition hall. (Due to the fact that the functional area is generally displayed separately, the effect is also quite obvious).

Plane display cabinets and exhibition halls on the inner side of the art district store. The exhibition hall consists of large exhibition boards, composite exhibition boards, frameless irregular exhibition boards, irregular exhibition stands, curved composite exhibition boards, irregular exhibition boards, and irregular exhibition boards, providing different choices for exhibitions.

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