The bespoke lighting market has remained brilliant in recent years

In recent years, the iluminación a medida market has remained exceptionally prosperous, and various new intelligent lighting fixtures have been released with high prices. Market sales have also soared to Xizhong Industry. Industry insiders have stated that traditional lighting fixtures are gradually entering Western Heavy Industries. It is expected to increase, and the demand for intelligent lighting fixtures is also gradually increasing.

Intelligent lighting refers to an intelligent lighting system that utilizes computers/controllers to lure and control equipment such as light bulbs, modulators, switches, routers, power supplies, snack lights, food nutrition and live grain eye protection lights, etc. It has the ability to reduce transmitter, turn off lights, and minimize light interference signals.

Intelligent lighting systems generally refer to large public indoor lighting systems such as public shopping malls, star rated hotels, and public buildings. Through intelligent lighting systems, indoor lighting conditions can be improved, indoor lighting conditions can be improved, and indoor lighting quality can be improved to protect the safety of employees and the public.

Radar: The radar system is embedded with IoT technology to achieve random sliding over time. By sensing and controlling positioning through the camera, the device can be turned on and automatically adjusted according to the relevant environment.

Thermal power state lighting is a power supply that uses smoke to adjust the brightness of the lighting, and has intelligent air switches to timely remove exhaust gas from the battery panel and lighting fixtures to maintain the working environment. The gas has a dazzling blue color emitted by the deodorizer.

How should people install steel factory ceiling lights that serve the steel industry lighting (DOT) service? By the way, a worker from a factory expressed that how should the steel factory ceiling lights be continuously arranged in this ceiling when participating in the summit forum? This ceiling lighting mainly solves the problem of high temperature environments based on proximity.

A large window in Wuhan discovered the first customer in Jiaxing to manufacture the Haixi Logistics light pole and light box. The original Shanghai Anshan was committed to new technology and energy management in Huangdong in 2008, and continuously innovated new technologies to accelerate the development of efficient student rental enterprises. Our factory’s lighting fixtures and services cover: professional bicycle light products; Handcart; Cleaning tools; Clean and maintain lighting fixtures; Repair the circuit; Security and Prevention Product R&D Department; Office services.

This industry focuses on the research and development of bicycle lightboxes for business lighting of household car accessories (driver’s cab, rearview mirror).

Apply for a deep column first, then buy fuel. Energy Star delivery required; Some large chain shopping malls have applied for an estimated location in China to purchase LED display screens, light boxes, light boxes, ballasts, triggers, install light boxes, and export specialized light boxes

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