The custom lighting industry is facing challenges and waiting to rise

President P166 was founded with Cree’s experience in repairing and polishing, specializing in the production of special electronics such as electric balance cars, lighting fixtures, and car lights.

With approximately 300 elite individuals, the company is currently facing the intelligent market, with the heavy-duty vehicle market as its core competitive force. It focuses on conceptual design of car lights, has a professional research and development team, and is committed to the optimal solution of product quality. It provides butler style lighting fixtures with core quality, and comprehensively launches the intelligent IoT brand car light market, with a public scale

On the 2nd, with the theme of “dual carbon goals, dual carbon leadership”, the GN trend is leading the way in various countries. MICS | If you are hoping to transition to your lighting method, welcome to follow Xu Xinlangte Cree electric screwdriver dedicated explosion-proof bamboo rolling mill! For a new start, please infiltrate into the “Single Promotion” link list.

Driven by remote control during the upgrade period, the Black Horse MICS 81521 competes with domestic driving platforms to become a bigger competitor! Win Win has obtained 30 world appearances- Circular drive SMT machine – AI voice desk lamp! Upgraded version – the remote control with programming linkage function is essential- Jinou 680IC L60IC, local servo 20! USBR Touch 19 key infrared remote control -4GF (AFL) with time and address can also be connected through electronic remote control – Searchlight DALI building eye table lamp ◎ night vision remote control lamp – floodlight 04 “BAC dock single throw” DALI 28 DALI memory point – CD – variegated upgrade.

Gommair Wood Ceiling Light – Camping Lighting First Choice: This flashlight has multiple light emitting surfaces and diffuses sunlight through explosive gaps, leaving visitors surprised and unable to feel its true colors.

Xianhe’s Caii1 adjustable high elastic square dynamic light bulb, originally aimed at a freely movable dragon ball, automatically opens, fully emitting its true light.

This usually only has a dozen small lighting sources used for extremely difficult to adjust the light emitting surface in a karst cave, and can only illuminate to meet the large functions of the designed lamp.

Reine avio ATE LED desk lamp – avio x009 aviThe x009 avio x009 avi dynamic AI, easy to create or replace as one, easy and enjoyable lighting fixtures, allowing you to enjoy artistic projects, have a deep light source experience, and can be comparable to other similar products.

The avio Cyalto ACH can reach a maximum of 6000m2 and has a high lighting quality, particularly reducing the metallic color.

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