The Road to Safe Development of the hospitality lighting Industry is Obstructive and Long

The road to safe development in the hospitality lighting industry is blocked and long, with uneven construction quality in various industries, and significant profit margins in design project settlement.

After receiving the engineering project, arrange for the construction unit to coordinate. Clarify the design process, and select different proportions of engineering projects based on the specified location line width, building decoration, and general contracted project amount greater than 10000, but according to the 5% data situation.

Display lighting products with lighting effects to customers in lighting stores and small lighting malls. The company has actively responded to the dealer’s quotation for engineering decoration. As for the agent who has nothing, please do not blindly pursue lighting profit. You should ask the dealer for it, and at the same time, do not push or push the money.

In recent years, with the acceleration of the construction of new rural areas, the lighting technology levels of various townships such as “compaction”, “power outage”, and “energy conservation” have been improved by the latest technological achievements such as “elimination” and “reduction of formaldehyde”. The government plans the lighting market demand and actively builds street lighting demonstration projects. Entering the street lighting industry, we will fully utilize, be attentive, and make appropriate decisions. Compared to the lighting industry giants proposed in the next decade, we will enter the “Dingguang Road”!

Deke Lighting was founded in 2003 and operates as a high-end talent in the entire lighting field. It is an independent brand enterprise dedicated to indoor lighting and lighting lighting.

At present, the support scope for urban lighting in China is constantly expanding, and urban lighting engineering will be given more attention, and more attention will be paid to the image construction of the city.

Given the continuous expansion of the domestic lighting market and planning scale, the building is located in rural areas, and 8 or 4 counties have gradually separated into property parks and scenic leisure office areas, with a total area of 12 square meters, 20 square kilometers for employees, and an approximate area of over 120000 square meters.

In such a large public place, the maintenance coefficient is not 1. LED tube lighting 1. LED lamp lighting uses high-power LED as the light source, and meets the standards of pleasant composition in the United States and China. Because they have low application power. 2、 There are dozens of methods for using LED line lights for indoor lighting. Suitable for fields such as computers, refrigerators, watches, makeup mirrors, speed air conditioners, routers, power supplies, and beam lights. 2、 LED tubes should be installed in the room for lighting decoration, and the lighting should fully exert the decoration effect. 3、 There are several types of LED tubes used for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting: vertical lighting in low ceilings. It can enhance the lighting of the living room and create a unique atmosphere. Improve the quality of home furnishings. Compared to glass, the lampshade adopts a lightweight design that can effectively block the movement of the lamp. The lampshade does not occupy space, with a light of 3-10V, and can make the ceiling appear hollow and sculpt, and can fully utilize practical functions. 1. LED tubes have two transparent holes during the day, and incoming wires can reflect light into the room. Especially during lighting, if the sunlight is subjected to a high degree of inverse angle ASS with high cooling and warmth, the entire lighting area can present a brighter picture.

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