What are the adjustments in the custom lighting industry?

What are the adjustments in the iluminación personalizada industry? The strong connection between landscape lighting and the modern “West” created by three-dimensional architectural lighting fixtures and facade tableware is evident. From Lu Hengdi’s analysis to the application of modern cultivation technology today, the logo is clearly clearer than the facade, while outlining the multidimensional nature of the lines, making people’s lives more comfortable.

To analyze the structural context of stronger walls, when designing the entrance of the building, designers will pass the design of each floor door through the passage, and then tilt the building to present a more spectacular image. The shape of the bed on the exterior facade serves as a lighting reminder for the overall design of the building, and an eye-catching point is added to the outer layer to make the working environment for seven people inside and outside the building more colorful.

The relationship between interior view and comprehensive architecture. The external view of the main road and commercial street divides the space into multiple elements, creating a perfect balance with the outdoor transparency, creating a rhythmic spatial output.

In order to create a simple, comfortable, and private light. In the structural facade of the building, the main techniques have the characteristics of points, lines, and surfaces, making it easy to create the main body. It can be considered that two are located in the same part, with different changes, and different visual conditions.

The building plays a guiding role in guiding the target building at night. The overall structure should be a very important architectural element. Due to the tightness of the exposed internal activities of the target building, this point is ensured. At the same time, the use of internal lighting for full body illumination, exterior decoration, and facade lighting must also be in place.

The landscape design of the building should fully utilize the creativity and rendering of lighting, as well as highlight the structural characteristics of each building. The positioning size, shape, and material, texture, and strength of components of the building should be reasonably positioned, as well as the level of use of decoration materials. The lighting layout should be carefully arranged and appropriately reflected. Special attention should also be paid to lighting fixtures and proper installation, as well as to prevent glare.

The municipal Transportation engineering, industry analysis and site investigation projects of the city include the construction of brightening projects such as enterprise directory, project overview, roads, expressways, stadiums, security zones, communities and public facilities, and the design of brightening projects such as urban brightening simulation and festival atmosphere display.

The design, development, production, and sales of buildings, landscapes, or street steel structures, unified outdoor lighting fixtures, electrical equipment, power, files, and other equipment and equipment.

The safety and greenness of outdoor lighting fixtures can be ensured after construction, while also meeting various environmental and climatic conditions for installation.

Including appropriate structures, shapes, and materials that can combine with the characteristics of urban architecture to beautify a grand city.

According to the characteristics of sunlight, high standard lighting projects can fully meet the needs of urban landscape lighting planning, achieving space and energy efficiency.

The lighting engineering of buildings and the development of modern technology and society have always had pollutants such as wave transport and mercury accumulation, which are inexhaustible and harmful to environmental protection.

Synchronized nighttime lighting and lighting design can improve the overall quality of the city’s nighttime environment.

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