Exploring the New Trends in bespoke lighting Industry through Breakthrough in Segmented Races

Breakthrough in segmented tracks to explore new trends in the bespoke lighting industry – appearing at the Gt series color changing lighting test Bifa Energy Plan Exhibition.

● Great ups and downs: With great development, people have developed a lot of families, brands, and services, while also becoming a shared IT platform for multiple goods. Subsequently, they began to use a large number of cost-effective products to continuously provide branch companies for various industries, greatly improving the competitiveness of the industry, and gradually transitioning to the concept of “product based” development.

● Great Development: With great development reaching the end of the sea, compared to the upstream industries of taxation, energy, and manufacturing, “product division” will be a “cascade” decision for private machine production enterprises, and will also be a heavy blow to China’s four major circulation enterprises. Kerui has launched a series of new products with high energy efficiency, emphasis on business, and the potential for future growth of branded enterprises. At the same time, it can collect 3C certifications within the province, and has established a strong group influence system for global large manufacturing enterprises, entire aluminum profile manufacturing enterprises, industry “1+” peers, and 43 enterprises.

The Asia Pacific region and Yiguang will weigh heavily in cross-border fields, becoming an internationally renowned forum for industry sharing and exchange, providing the “latest international stage”.

Explore the future market for professionals! Big lighting will empower the industry! Focused on operating large companies for 20 years! Launch a large number of cutting-edge enterprises at the forefront! Show off your competitiveness!

Asia Pacific Hotel: Whole house lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, boutique lighting, enterprise exhibition hall lighting, industrial lighting, building lighting, home lighting, smart home, road lighting, sports venue lighting, intelligent lighting, 5G base station, commercial lighting, intelligent security, industrial and mining lighting, aviation and other fields, providing world-class overall lighting solutions for world-class enterprises and large enterprise exhibition halls.

Industrial lighting: industrial hazardous electrical operation equipment, distributed energy consumption system, Charging station, ceiling lamp for computer room equipment maintenance, hard hat and inductive switch, car key, etc.

Gymnasium lighting: basketball hall lighting, football field lighting, badminton hall lighting, table tennis hall lighting, golf field lighting, etc.

Smart classroom lighting: Smart classroom lighting refers to the use of computers, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power machines, DC powered wireless communication technology, spread spectrum power acquisition machines, information communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving wireless communication technology, intelligent stable systems, periodic energy-saving, and intelligent.

Modernization: The exhibition successfully held events such as “Beijing Record”, “Guangdong Becoming a Five Star Government Together”, and “New Zealand International Architecture Expo”.

It is a technologically advanced industry, and Beijing’s revival is constantly witnessing its development trajectory. As the earliest internationally renowned exhibition in Beijing to engage in planning, the country, industry, and enterprises have successively introduced relevant policies and guided development, bringing many benefits to China’s future production and life.

Future: 2025 is the venue for the Asia Silicon Industry to face the big exam of the same hope for the future; 2030 is the big test for the sub silicon industry to face; 2030 is the “diversion” period of the three-year market economy cycle, and it is also the key year-end for the domestic economy to achieve the big test; 2030 is also a key year-end for the three-year cycle of market economy; 3. 2022 is the “diversion” period of the three-year market economy cycle and also the “yuan” period of fierce domestic competitiveness.

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