Characteristics, Barriers, Life Cycle, and Development Trends of the hospitality lighting Industry

The characteristics, barriers, lifecycle, and development trends of the hospitality lighting industry are based on people’s understanding of product quality. By using mature lighting design materials, we have once created a global appearance. By conceptualizing and comparing advanced engineering and natural resources, new technologies, processes, automation, lighting engineering costs, and raw material costs, the expected power supply and equipment quality have been reduced, resulting in a comprehensive response to emission reduction prices from the inside out. The lighting starts from the sodium lamp in the past, and the phenomenon that the LED lamps restricted by the industry suddenly do not light up in public life, which leads to this unfair competition and the New normal of damaged survival ecosystem.

Taking lighting as the main line, such as high-pressure sodium, incandescent lamps, flash lamps, and Huangtiandi. The factory Lizong sells the “LVD” lighting system, and Huayong Kerui, Osram, Faleming, Xingji Light, high-strength color rendering, precision light processing, professional lighting calculation, to achieve any function.

From the perspective of its functions, street lights are important for work, maintenance of assets, and electricity consumption. In order to extend the service life of street lights, the maintenance work of street lights is particularly important. The company attaches great importance to maintenance, conducts annual inspections and maintenance, and takes the smoothness of the ground, the protection of furniture cover layer, and energy-saving light source as the principles to prevent street light damage, and the occurrence of power failure and fire within 24 hours of street light aging, thereby improving the stability of street light lighting.

LED lighting products have high reliability and often require devices and circuit boards to complete related tasks. For power and energy-saving work, it is necessary to design the correct devices and have good insulation effects.

The working frequency of LED lighting usually exceeds 10%. It is a high-pressure mercury lamp, and the high-pressure sodium lamp will inevitably have a lifespan of nearly 20-50%. However, LED lamps are definitely mercury free, so imagine the root cause again.

Solar LED street lights are favored by more people due to their energy conservation and environmental protection. With the development of LED light sources, LED light sources have been widely used in solar LED street lights in recent years. The LED solar street lamp manufacturer will next produce our company’s specially designed energy core wind – LED street lamp holder with a bottom fan. After testing, inspection and installation, no damage was found, so the LED street lamp holder Lm has a protection level of IP65. In addition, the overall power supply provides power to the LED street lamp holder. The overall lighting efficiency of LED street lights is better than that of the same wattage, and the lamp holder can carry up to 120000 to 140000 light sources. Below is a detailed introduction to how to make the solar LED street lamp holder control better. Light control mode: maximum use once a day, if continuous cloudy and rainy days ≤ 24 μ M. Then, solar energy is used for charging, providing sufficient protection and support. The height of the lamp pole can be adjusted: 12 meters, with a height of 06 meters (including 27 meters). It can ensure that the lamp pole is over 350 meters long.

According to the “National Economic Industry (International Standard)” and “National Economic Industry” (National Standard) of the “Energy Conservation Development Project” released by the Guangya Industry in Anhui Province, LED street lights are used as the light source, and the number of locally produced LED street lights is within 500 units.

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