Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal Table Lamps

Commonly used crystals for the crystal table lamps are K5, K9, Czech crystal, Egyptian Asfor crystal, Austrian Swarovski crystal, Baccarat crystal. Among them, Asford crystal and Swarovski crystal have anti-counterfeiting marks. There is an eagle inside the Asford crystal as a logo. Swarovski crystals with numbers starting with 8 and larger than 18mm have a swan laser logo.

Baccarat crystal is known as “aristocratic crystal”. Its innovation lies in the research of opaque crystal, that is to say, on the basis of not increasing the lead content, the high refractive index of the crystal is still maintained, and the crystal becomes opaque color.

When using different grades of crystals in a large area, it is obvious that the effects of different crystals are different. If you want to know how to distinguish various crystals, you can follow us.

The situation of crystal table lamps and crystal floor lamps is very similar. At present, the styles of crystal table lamps on the market are still relatively little, and the design styles are relatively simple. We expect lighting designers to make greater breakthroughs. Now the innovation of crystal table lamp is more in function, such as adding wireless charging function, adding USB charging interface, with touch switch function and so on. We are a professional crystal table lamp manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!