How can bespoke lighting companies enter Hell mode to save themselves?

How can bespoke lighting companies enter Hell mode to save themselves? 1. Input voltage of Stage lighting equipment: it is usually set at the depth of the stage, and actors will play a role with a destination – changing bathroom and function.

Technical guarantee is based on high-quality products: scientific and strict equipment inspection and adjustment, to prevent unscientific phenomena from being touched by patients, and to maintain a hidden and optimistic attitude.

Special for Stage lighting equipment – lighting components – supply of light source, technical services for production of stage lamps, delivery of large die-casting, stamping, welding, power supply, pipe fittings, sheet metal surface treatment, lamp body anti-corrosion, maintainable, non discoloring, non fading for long time use, and non fading for long time use.

Technical support provides high-quality, affordable, and efficient equipment supply, ensuring long-term use without fading or rusting; Provide golden suppliers and achieve lifelong customers.

Rotary stage lamp manufacturer’s direct selling rotary table lifting pulley stage seat Stage lighting manufacturer’s direct selling quotation manufacturing and installation.

Manufacturer’s direct sales quotation for rotating stage lights. Is there any SlUL certification for Skylight’s LED headlights in the franchise.

Applicable lamps for rotating stage lamps: jewelry cabinet lamp, clock lamp, cabinet lamp, brand lamp, type lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, small night lamp, European style lamp, ceiling lamp, downlight, Stage lighting, handkerchief lamp, photography lamp, projection lamp, lamp box, cabinet lamp, restaurant compartment lamp, light strip, digital lamp, various light sources, Stage lighting, DMX512 digital dimming silicon aluminum cover, etc.

By chance, Gong Hongliang, the person in charge of Chengye Lighting, produced a gold cup and silver cup. The customer was very satisfied, with excellent quality and low price, and the workmanship was close to being noble.

In 2017, Chengye Lighting completed the renovation of Xidun space design, boutique clothing store decoration and exhibition hall design with its “laser cutting” scheme in Xi’an.

The design includes natural light, artificial light, fireproof type, and exterior design. The illumination of each piece is not just a lamp. It abandons conventional architectural design and achieves no light at all. The designer is very good with a very good lighting scheme, which is reasonable in use and has no dark corners when receiving light, ensuring the brightness, softness, and reasonable utilization of light sources.

The biggest feature of this project is the use of characteristic case studies for innovation, where various forms can overlook future home life and reproduce a beautiful life through the process of color changes. Here, fully communicate with the designer and use lighting and furniture styling to restore common sense of life. The designer has focused on creating walls, which to some extent restores the home market and perfectly achieves vastly different design effects.

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