How to Start a New Growth Curve for custom lighting Leading Enterprises

How to Start a New Growth Curve for custom lighting Leading Enterprises? This change will make traditional industries more high-end.

Vigorously opening up the new generation of intelligent whole house smart home (2) Heavy quality control of home settlement.

● Control radar: achieve wiring status, switch time response, lamp statistical data application, and support quantitative data.

● Control smart homes, voice control linkage, access to people, machines, security, monitoring four wheels, doors and windows, weak current, security and other security measures.

Provide comprehensive material layer water, production, and maintenance processes, as well as testing systems, to ensure that every product complies with regulations, is safe and reliable.

Standardization and system integration. Grasp market purchasing intentions from the source, expand channels and cooperate, and prioritize experienced executives in each market.

Provide guidelines, standard manuals, time division principles, enterprise development suggestions, and enterprise quality assurance capabilities.

Providing professional visual communication, high-quality marketing, and the widespread use of high-quality (OQC) language is irresponsible.

Provide high-power LED lighting, LED homes, LED technology lighting, LED lighting, high-power spotlights, LED fluorescent lights, LED light strips, and LED driver power.

Adopting a 3-base DT shunt filter and harmonic current limiting filtering device, it has overvoltage, overload, over temperature protection, and anti electric shock protection functions.

The application field of LED high-power lighting is increasingly extensive, from signal to landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, education lighting and factory lighting.

Dimming control cabinet has always been one of the solutions for indoor civilian lighting. It is one of the general electromagnetic power conversion equipment. Output different lighting solutions based on different auxiliary electromechanical solutions.

Replacing the original electromagnetic relay, it has the functions of open circuit, short circuit, overload, lightning protection, reverse connection, lightning protection, and super strong opening. Mainly used for power and engineering wiring

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