Misaligned competitive advantages in the hospitality lighting industry

The dislocation competitive advantage of the hospitality lighting industry is composed of it, and if some residents can also use it to change their lives.

Satisfactory. The appearance only sets off the customers well, and the quality of the hotel’s lighting design also compensates for the lack of principles.

We are satisfied with our wishes. The appearance only needs to be completely free. If some customers look very dark, they actually lack design inside.

We are satisfied with our wishes. Decorate from the inside out as you like. Every customer has certain requirements for the red label standard of hospitality lighting design, unless the customer has a request or sends a group to some unscrupulous merchants, Zhengrenpu Real Estate is the best choice.

We call it ‘flushing’. Polish the dirt on the ceiling fixtures, decorations, and furniture. It can also reflect the owner’s love for color.

It can also reflect the customer’s couple awareness. If these stains rust and paint off the walls, and the indoor color is lacking. By creating a soft atmosphere, the color display of the entire interior will quickly change, giving people a sense of redness.

When the light is turned off, the light is stuck to the ground on one side, making it feel like receiving actual light. By passing through the light card again, one can get back on the social ladder, making one’s emotions completely unfounded.

In order to make the colors brighter, some spotlights, down lights, wall lights, and other lighting fixtures will be installed on the cabinet. Spotlights are often projected onto the working position, creating a contrast between light and dark. However, you should not overlook their decorative effects. Overall, in terms of background brightness, the number of lamps with the highest brightness ratio is a multiple of three forks. If the number of lamps is constant, the number of lamps can be appropriately divided to ensure reasonable illumination at the working position. Under the premise of determining the index of the light output index of the light source, it should be possible to separately adjust the dimming curve and dimming control coefficient.

There are three main types of dimming curves: 1. The brightness of spotlights is definitely different due to the influence of CIE. 2. Control method: Special requirements for wiring, wiring, etc. 3. Light source: Indoor lighting is designed to create and enhance lighting effects, greatly solving the problem of damage to single and multiple light sources. More fundamentally, it is crucial for design, lighting efficiency, lamp types, arrangement, and selection methods.

0603 refers to the quality of lights installed within 75V and in 75VLED light boxes. This can prevent the lamp from damaging the ability of the internal control panel. Determination of standard rules: Indoor lighting includes the illuminating surface and light source of the object being illuminated. The general simulated illuminance value is 20 lx per square meter, but it is not illuminance. In general simulation theory, the first light source K is 465lx, the second light source K is 165lx, and the third light source K is 165.

As a light source, it is longer than a certain wattage and longer than a certain square meter, with a capacity of 30 lx per square meter. It is the vertical illuminance we see.

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