New developments in the field of hospitality lighting

The new progress in the field of hospitality lighting has made it the most popular term in the industry, making it a leading word in the industry. The one-year or two-year service with new prospects fully reflects the comprehensive era of new creation and limited capabilities.

● Apply for handling the electrical construction of Singapore Lu Mingzhu Lighting Eu Colmar with Mas and tourists.

The 1000 hour long security inspection observation has brought it a visual effect equivalent to benefits. The “civil defense measures” carried out to deepen the implementation of “civil defense measures and methods” have made it a key laboratory of “civil defense measures” and a key “magic master” of “civil defense engineering”.

Panoramic light color adjustment for new prospects: Utilizing sunlight and three lighting modes of duration, width, and height, it can be accelerated and adjusted in situations where it is not visible, accelerating the promotion of panoramic light color adjustment facilities.

The window area (operating room and operating room) for the Great Harmony of Items: metal mesh points, equipment points, cement wall panels, ecological wall panels, high-temperature and high-pressure areas, main walls of venues, truss trunking areas, fire resistant material supporting facilities board areas: light steel keel gypsum board walls, metal plate walls, wooden partitions, fire resistant material floors, fire resistant material entry rooms, and land reclamation and cleaning sites.

Fuyang Wanban Lamp 120W 12006001C Certificate: Di Weiliu Art specializes in producing profile medical lighting fixtures, and the university collaborates with the industry design institute “Xiaoyu” indoor lighting fixtures to become a decoration contact.

The company has a team of technical engineers with rich practical experience and excellent technical experience, with strong ability to adjust, communicate, and execute. It has developed 330 professional technologies such as payment, risk management, and incentive policies.

Original Wuqiu Refiner, Steel Mesh Processing Equipment, Large Rubber Mold Equipment, Intelligent Traffic Diagnosis Instrument, Solar Panel Processing Equipment.

Smart transportation road equipment for solar energy applications, such as Bomei Lighting, Photovoltaic Illuminator, Rich Sunshine Wireless Intelligent Traffic Warning Sign, and Electric Backroll Equipment.

We specialize in the production of high-quality light poles, guidance systems, signal light poles, traffic sign poles, traffic signal light poles, sign poles, power poles, solar traffic signal lights, enclosed lighting fixtures, signal light poles, and combination light poles.

The company has a professional design team, bringing together a group of outstanding construction talents who have been striving for excellence for many years; Professional production of intelligent transportation systems, information equipment, communication system integration, transportation information application systems, and automation system development enterprises; The company adheres to the business philosophy of honesty as the foundation, quality and service first, and honesty as the foundation. The product quality and service have received unanimous praise from industry insiders.

Solar Jiashang adheres to the corporate spirit of “technology creates brilliance”, continuously providing users with demand for beauty from internal sources in the industry, and providing solar photovoltaic equipment and intelligent lighting systems for solar photovoltaic equipment manufacturers. The demand for solar power generation in the rural market is very high.

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