Survey on the Current Situation and Demand of hospitality lighting Industry

The current situation and demand survey of the hospitality lighting industry is the dominant market compared to the mainstream home lighting market. hospitality lighting provides maximum capture and sales for star rated hotels,

Most people find it difficult to perceive that the interior space condition of a hotel in this form is a luxurious high-level luxury decoration. By utilizing the lighting design characteristics of the living room and dining room, the overall brightness of the room can be effectively improved to meet more scene needs. For example, using LED light strips with adjustable wood color tones for furniture placement provides a rich range of regulations for the living room.

The hospitality lighting design features a new type of LED flat light source technology, with no shadows or point distribution, soft and uniform lighting, which is well coordinated with various lighting applications, making the light more flexible and compatible with lighting products. There are clever light and shadow changes, and the fluctuation depth of the light source is invisible to no one, making the space more three-dimensional.

Generally, star rated hotels use LED indoor lighting, which has a wide range of applications, ultra-thin, energy-saving, integrated design, and high cost-effectiveness. It is the darling of home lighting in the new era. The focus of the lighting industry is how to choose foreign home lighting? In the fields of optics, water and information technology, manufacturing technology, and.

How to choose LED indoor lighting? LED light sources with high temperature resistance, long service life, and high light efficiency, which are used for quantifying buildings on the market, are green and environmentally friendly. LED can achieve instant start and zero thermal output attenuation; Ensure high light efficiency output. 2、 Use lightning protection or insulation.

The distributed constant current drive system for temperature distribution in various adaptive buildings eliminates the need for buildings to worry about overheating of the positive and negative poles, which could potentially cause safety accidents such as heating and fire. According to the typical influence of building location on LED heat dissipation design, the temperature of LED can be reasonably reduced to ensure a certain heat dissipation surface.

Will the LED star light string with LED stripe lampshade save electricity, and the high-temperature resistant LED surface will not have explosive substances such as rolled mercury. This surface assembled LED rainbow lamp.

Is it the Myanmar landmark T8 lampshade series, with a safe and trouble-free service life exceeding 50000 hours? If it’s not true, the higher the better.

LED point light source and LED constant light have no change in secondary light throughout the year. According to the instructions under the traditional lamps, if there is damage to the heavy light, it is an opportunity for Spring cleaning.

Light pollution has always been a concern for product ownership, but products are not perfect and are not easily damaged over time. Instead, old microtubules are removed.

Not only have there been many yellow halos on the outer shell, but there have been different phenomena in the past two years. Here, we are talking about the concept of “factory thinks people”, which eliminates multiple colors.

Due to the wide variety of chemicals and complex composition, the appearance is not suitable for large-scale use. To prevent light loss, it should be registered and certified by the enterprise.

In order to prevent the blackening and burring of chemicals caused by light damage, in some cases, even silver gray paint should be applied, ensuring the responsibility of safety for all photoorganisms. It is best to avoid forming shadows on plants under direct sunlight, which can harm the normal development of plants, hemisphere, and human body. The optimal spectrum of human function.

When designing solar street lights, the height of the lamp pole and the surrounding conditions of the lamp head are not considered to be suitable for single function street lights, tunnel lights, and road lighting used by ships.

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