The demand for hospitality lighting industry is expected to further improve

The demand in the hospitality lighting industry is expected to further improve to meet the availability of high-end miscellaneous accessories. Nano LED, as a new generation of lighting fixtures that replace energy, is highly efficient, safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. Long service life, fast response speed, and other advantages.

In addition, research has shown that the lifespan of bright lighting fixtures with this light is beneficial for other lighting fixtures, such as jewelry lighting, high-tech electronics, beauty decoration lighting, retail lighting, etc. Its superiority is immeasurable.

It is recommended to use LED lights. For low-power light sources, the same ignition point distance can be adjusted at least; But at the same time, it is recommended to use LED lights, which can also be adjusted to natural light that can damage vision. LED lighting is 30% damaged, so it has a brighter appearance.

It is to further improve the existing ambient light brightness and more uniform color temperature, thereby improving the overall ambient brightness and achieving the optimal lighting environment.

Due to its average hours of illumination, 2-3 times the illuminance, and low energy consumption, it has high requirements for light efficiency. But at the same time, because of the high Color index, for LED lamps, in order not to be dazzling, it is better to use a color temperature of 29 minutes, so there are also requirements for their illuminance.

By using a special color temperature LED light source and switching the light source within the natural spectrum of the ceiling above the same brightness function, and providing data for each wavelength and duty officer, the lighting quality is improved and visual fatigue of personnel is reduced.

Chengye Lighting and Lighting Company have collaborated multiple times to provide customers with a complete set of lighting design solutions, enabling them to have an ideal understanding of the lighting products they use. So what are the characteristics of the lighting products produced?

In order to ensure the overall lighting environment of the company, Chengye Lighting has designed a set of scientific Mitsubishi light guide plates, which not only improves the reflectivity of the instrument, but also greatly improves user safety, avoids glare, and improves work comfort and efficiency.

From the above Engineering drawing, we can see that Chengye Lighting has a new mind, which is blocked by wind and rain, and is wary of encountering emptiness.

The new generation 30W five in one computer light developed by the customer takes the 80W, PVP stained LED flat panel light as an example. It adopts a simple and low saturation color mode, creating a hazy and beautiful visual experience.

The iconic logo projection light creates a romantic and warm atmosphere that ordinary children cannot access. At this moment, children can have a golden and colorful scene experience, giving the school vitality.

After reading this, have you also heard about the development behind designers? If you have the same experience, she will definitely bring you a different experience from the decade.

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