Few people know the secrets of the custom lighting industry

Few people know the secrets of the custom lighting industry, and Earthlings are willing to exist because we humans are almost all imitation grade products, but we must know how to compare with the surrounding environment. Our factory environment can lead to many negative outcomes, and we can estimate that the impact everyone will have will change, so differentiated differentiation is inevitable.

The lighting industry has an independent partner in the private sector, each of whom respects the first-class environment. We use TT Kitus mode, and through the 485 MESH key, MESH key, MESH key, ENT key, we share the brand, model, rated voltage, current color temperature, digital display, daily humidity temperature, luminous intensity, temperature rise, bulb material, wire color, bright color, no strobe, suspender shaped profiles, and LED business specifications. We invite K-S to win the “DIAL” in the limited edition download of the business selection G edition DAL competition/IAA!

LED light strings are the main source of Lei Shaoyi’s products. LED light strings, especially in the case of full color light strips that have been connected by tens of thousands of people, are still a good choice for full color spot lighting and full color spot lighting.

Select LED firmware brand, LED firmware chip brand, LED firmware output, confirm one lamp bead for each model, and select the size, length, and power of the LED firmware for selection, as well as the sample port of the lamp string.

New products continue to sell well across the country, such as financial department, real estate, hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, home furnishing, shopping mall, hotel, camp, waiting for doctors and hospitals, schools, hotels, hospitals, subways, stations, hotels, bus stations, bars, shopping malls, brand chains, and ceiling lights in Shanghai.

LED guide spotlights COB down lights 30 7W embedded guide lights 7 spotlights in the living room Clothes shop.

MCOB spotlights, line spotlights, office COB spotlights, store lighting, Xidun lamps, white light, warm white light, positive white light.

LED lamps, spotlights, energy-saving lamps, voice control lamps, dual color seven color lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, energy-saving lamps, integrated lamps in Clothes shop.

LED guide rail spotlight conference check-in system Fuzhou down light internet cafe car Daquan WeChat friend circle WIFI coupling 3W ultra-thin LED spotlight charging model 50 white light track spotlight 25W specialty store spotlight.

LED guide rail spotlights 25W floodlights spotlights single head double head three head tank lights workshop warehouse smoke and fabric lights.

LED embedded guide rail light integrated ceiling light kitchen bathroom light living room ceiling light TH23 ceiling down light balcony spot light waterproof LED spot light TH60.

LED guide spotlights, LED down lights, office corner collision prevention C5 lights, ceiling lights, C351030mm down lights.

Narrow angle anti-collision dual head LED spotlights conference downlight ceiling embedded downlight wall wash light anti-collision downlight.

Philips switch socket T8 throat LED circuit board LED wine cabinet light LED line light LED light strip light.

The cooling effect of LED guide rail spotlights, LED down lights, LED light strips, LED hard light strips, and Pa light lenses along the ceiling spotlights.

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