Although the hospitality lighting industry has shown good momentum recently, do not blindly follow the trend

Although the éclairage d'accueil industry has shown good momentum recently, do not blindly follow the trend and choose hospitality lighting fixtures. Especially on the night road. Many hotels have high requirements for color rendering of lighting fixtures in order to save energy. HVAusCE is a professional enterprise that develops and produces energy-saving and longevity hospitality lighting products. The company has long been creating excellent profits and higher quality hospitality lighting products.

Dream light restaurants can set the level of lighting based on the color of the dishes, lighting brightness, and menu price. However, sometimes warm white light is also chosen to give people a relaxed and mysterious feeling, and sometimes it flows loudly in the store, supermarket, and entrance.

Since the beginning of 2017, many hotels in China have experienced a trend of “popularity” in their decoration. As a hotel designed specifically for leisure, entertainment, business, and accommodation, the core of the hotel is customer consistency. Therefore, many customers come to our hotel lobby, but they are too high. Therefore, we have a small editor hanging a teacher’s introduction, asking the training building to adjust the color, lighting brightness, and color rendering of the dishes. In addition, the hotel banquet hall.

The hotel in this case is provided by a well-known property unit and independently developed by each hotel. It is only divided into six service areas. In addition to several independent developments such as ordinary banquet halls, multifunctional halls, clubs, villas, etc., there are also the vast majority of hotel reception halls, clubs, DJs, bar counters, dining halls, coffee shops, multifunctional corridors, book bars, meeting rooms, hospitality restaurants, etc. The hotel banquet hall is like.

Hotels in Nordic Europe are minimalist and fashionable, especially duplex residences that have been in their 70s. From a few design factors, designers need to be both exquisite and elegant, as well as clear and stylish.

The contour design of the public entrance and exit highlights the purity and nobility of the product, showcasing the richness and brilliance of the building, prompting visitors to express how to find a suitable decoration and design company.

Based on different housing areas, design guest suites, living rooms, and reception building offices, allowing users to flow into another space for visitors, and ultimately choose suitable reception desks and dining chairs. The toilet admission rate can reach over 90%, ensuring physical and mental health.

The two sides of the public reception area can also be designed as a multifunctional banquet hall, which is coordinated with the kitchen display board.

The design of public areas should avoid open glass curtain walls as much as possible, and strong scattered lighting can achieve better adjustable brightness.

Due to the rich selection of Elements of art in this area, the artistic effect of lamps is also very good, such as painting alone, hanging pictures, etc., so that customers can choose the right lamps at will.

The entire private room design is comfortable, neat and not simple, with a high floor height, making it suitable for larger suite designs.

The transportation time from the private room floor stairs and walkways to the stack building is not long, but adding trees to each corridor can be used as a highlight, which will make citizens feel very primitive and fresh. The warmth and warmth will be promoted to the crowd, and it will also make busy and easier.

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