bespoke lighting wholesalers with the best technology

The most technologically advanced éclairage sur mesure wholesalers are the primary sales target market for enterprises, so their sales can demonstrate significant advantages both in the enterprise and industry. For enterprises, technology has become the main means of consumption now. Today, we will introduce how to make certain lighting products based on the characteristics of customers’ products, which can meet the following major requirements.

The lighting fixtures in commercial places, such as those in Denmark and the United States, are now biased towards surface mounted, regular white, and warm white lighting. If the interior of the store uses decorative lights to create a good home lighting environment for consumers, it is likely that all positive effects will be perfectly displayed. It is usually appropriate to install the lighting fixtures on the ceiling of the storefront wall. In addition to being used as a ground tone during the day, it is also used to better activate the spatial atmosphere.

The design principles of the store (1) are mainly based on the customer’s entry location and lighting standards such as appearance, surface material, and lighting brightness): catering lighting, fast food lighting, display window lighting for specialty stores, display window lighting for catering equipment, indoor lighting for theaters, etc.

For the convenience of managing customers, in areas where it is difficult to meet the overall cost of purchasing goods, commercial lighting can be used for cash register areas, purchase stations, outbound areas, shelf parts, and shelves. According to the growth characteristics of the region, their products can be purchased and selected, and small inspections can also be conducted appropriately. According to efficiency requirements, transformers of 24VA-36VA, 24VDC, 48VDC, and 60VAA can be selected for on-site debugging of lighting fixtures to achieve satisfactory electricity consumption.

Check list, quotation, confirmed quantity, gluing, cleaning, packing list, style, check list. If there are goods and quantities, customers can customize according to special requirements.

According to the on-site calculation, drawings, and design drawings of the project, the cost of this project is over 1000 sets, and 1000 sets or 1500 sets of equipment can be selected.

Collect inventory products such as lighting, warehouse, pickup waiting, visual inspection, procurement, etc., and assist in logistics execution.

Lighting system: LED energy-saving lamps, complete set of metal halide lamps, 65 warehouses, Supreme Adherence Day 5, 531 large lamps, golden section warranty for one year. Due to the lack of validity calculation during the warranty period, the lamps will be returned within 24 hours after purchase. High quality goods, effectively free from maintenance and upkeep.

The light source is configured according to customer requirements, and the period of installation of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps is hr, so incandescent lamps are selected. If the daily replacement effect is not as good as the specifications of similar products on the market, it is necessary to have experienced repair points.

The sealing between the lampshade and the lamp should be waterproof and moisture-proof, and the sealing should ensure that Baorun Duo (green components of LED light sources must be sprayed inside the lampshade). If epoxy glue needs to be poured on the dustproof and acrylic layers, then two layers of lampshade and lampshade should be reserved, and then sealed.

In order to extend the service life of LED lights, try not to frequently replace the lampshade on the LED, or even use it for discharge lighting.

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