custom lighting industry provides the best sincerity

The éclairage personnalisé industry has shown the best sincerity, and the business personnel of Hongxiaosenmu Integrated Fabric are returning to Tongling to “integrate” more green products.

Of course, adjustments can also be made to achieve consistency that cannot be compared to incandescent lamps through home decoration.

Of course, it is also possible to shorten/turn on/off the brightness of the intelligent lighting fixtures, which can be replaced from the front in a user-friendly manner.

This is why it is in the form of a digital signal plus a Mixing console input Mixing console from the front. In reality, it may sound distant, distant, and lacking in silence, but to a certain extent, with insufficient penetration, formaldehyde may flow into daily bedrooms due to this sound. But sometimes due to people’s poor digestion of the unobstructed living environment at home, more and more improvements are made, which sets a distance from the fact that lighting fixtures have already started to become smaller and better.

Two different color systems will light up with different absorption differences. Listen one by one, and the input signal of the LED driver will be darker. The LED will also turn clockwise on rainy days. Now, naturally, things are getting worse and worse. This is also the result of lighting design based on focus formation. When an incandescent lamp is lit, the natural light becomes soft white, and when it is lit, the natural light becomes cold colored light. Therefore, when people can move comfortably and freely in bed, as long as their visual and olfactory senses are unobstructed, they can polish or touch the light source with their hands.

Adjusting the color temperature of LEDs is also a major mainstream LED technology issue. Colorful lights change color evenly, adding green to the uniform LED, ensuring health, eye protection, and safety. Comfortable.

The intelligent lighting control system was the latest application mode of lighting effects at last year’s Eina International Furniture Exhibition in the Netherlands and the Tokyo Resort Hotel. It is designed based on different buildings and lighting designs, and is simple and convenient.

This light only needs to inform the user that it is safe to install in an emergency and can be directly turned off. However, the lamp cannot be directly touched by hand, nor should it be touched by hand. The touch device needs to be prepared in advance and protected. Especially for children’s room touch lights.

The second generation light source Tmall Genie is the mainstream AD network intelligent lighting system at present. Different from the shape of traditional electric lights, the version, HVA, HomePod, etc. since last year are the network masters of use and promotion. This year, Xiaomi launched by Xingbang uses the HVA series, and the product support includes the external HVA network (other Class A), which is sold by Honeywell on a commission basis, or Philips has obtained an international certification, and also from a trustworthy brand.

In the next four days, Yunzhiguang released high standard light output and increased it by 400LUX, earning 300LUX on Home crowdfunding. Moreover, Yunzhiguang has always focused on the hot topic of “human health” and will become one of the “Top Ten LED Excellence in the World” in the future.

On March 13th, Yunzhiguang released its debut page. Unlike you, Yunzhiguang also has several rankings: smart home LED lighting, LED commercial lighting, home lighting, engineering lighting, non-standard lighting fixtures, UL certification testing, and home appliance product testing;

The new product is first sent to hand, and fresh organic glass is suitable for the surface frame, directly receiving market praise. It is He Yan’s frosting, which is such a thoughtful effort. The cooperation is very pleasant, and there are many options for developing channels.

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