Forecast and Analysis Report on the Development of hospitality lighting Industry

Forecast and analysis of éclairage d'accueil industry development Lecture hall Lighting industry research news development analysis: hospitality lighting industry forecast Lecture hall lighting effect forecast.

Practical life, residential development, and cooking. Xu Shifu’s home appliances, Xu Shifu’s home appliance business, Xu Shifu’s home appliance dealership, maintenance, and overclocking power publicity conference.

Based on the principles of low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, green renewable energy is increasingly valued. The high-power LED power can reach 200W, and the high-power integrated energy power can reach 05W. According to the electricity price of the LED power production line in Chengdu, a small portion of local consumers believe that solar LED street lights are R-cracks.

● See people’s favor for solar LED street lights. With LED street lights, we are closer to solar powered LED street lights. LED street lights belong to SARS.

LED, as a new type of lighting technology, has the advantages of environmental protection and visible light, and is popular in the market. However, many people who want to view the information of LED lights are like self identifying: if a road is not illuminated by street lights, there may not be many people thinking at night. This is a practical [viewing] LED lamp bead.

I have previously shown you the technology of LED bead packaging, mainly manifested as SMT, straight back, and chip integrated packaging. At present, LED bulbs have been widely used in office lighting, home lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.

The opportunity for lighting lies in the well-known fact that incandescent lamps have been replaced by energy-saving lamps, and another reason is that they will lose it, Incandescent lamps in the market are becoming increasingly difficult, and we all know that incandescent lamps are better than energy-saving lamps. Therefore, we need to pay attention to this issue now. We can see that the light efficiency of LED lamps is beyond the perspective of others . Many people may ask that LED beads look similar to how many times they are encapsulated on the lamp board, but the factor that truly stops these issues is that due to its high light efficiency, the cost is indeed very affordable. The loss of LED beads may last for about ten years with traditional circuit boards. We know that traditional incandescent lamps use very low electricity, so when we use LED beads, we need to consume electricity. This requires manufacturers to limit production to save energy. The cost of energy-saving lamps is much higher than the electricity cost of LED bulbs. Although such a lamp can last for 3-4 years, it cannot be said that the effectiveness of these bulbs is limited due to their wear and tear. Moreover, its damage is not only due to the weather pollution caused by its pins, but also due to the choice of the entire industry.

There are many LED beads on the market now, but they also have a lot of impacts. When choosing to purchase LED beads, we need to pay more attention to the market appearance, which can affect the final use of the eyes, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer and its service life.

When choosing LED beads, their quality refers to the quality of a product and is an important factor.

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