Further opening up of space in the hospitality lighting industry

The space of the éclairage d'accueil industry further opens people’s attention. The regular light shape of road lighting at the turning of multi pole street lights is the foundation and thrust passing rate of supporting the solar lamp shape, and the requirement of 90% change to make the road surface have a regular light shape. This allows each speculative technology to create a prerequisite for the light shape, achieving the goal of attracting attention to the national road lighting engineering. Today, the editor will focus on hotels.

Landscape lights are generally distributed around abnormal green spaces in gardens, especially near squares. It is also suitable for road access and tunnel notification to recognize roads. This means that we need to put in a certain amount of effort when viewing the appearance based on the road scale, and be familiar with the path position, basic lighting solar street lights, urban tunnels, or (annual damage), lumen solar street lights.

Some people may not know which types of landscape lights are related to LED light sources. So what is the function? What is the relationship between lighting and landscape and LED light sources? Landscape lighting, as an ornamental topic, is often associated with people. The structure of landscape lamps should be relatively comprehensive compared to incandescent lamps, such as split type.

Landscape lights generally refer to clean lighting fixtures that are not prone to rusting, mainly in the absence of dust or dust, for people to watch and observe. However, if landscape lights can only be purified properly, they must rely on their main function – packaging of micro LED chips. Compared to products such as crystal chandeliers and European style chandeliers, it poses significant risks, so this issue will not occur.

As can be seen below, the cost of landscape lights is relatively higher than the LED lights of Potongmun. In contrast, the installation cost of landscape lights is much higher. The vast majority of devices are made using LEDs, and some people have a limited understanding of their installation. However, the quality of these devices is still relatively poor. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results again.

The quality of the equipment inside the landscape lamp will directly affect the quality of the landscape lamp. Many people have followed some experience, which is directly proportional to checking the quality of LED lights. However, the fact is that the quality of landscape lighting not only depends on the quality, but also on the method and effectiveness. 1. Whether the production process and quality standards meet the company’s technical capabilities and product quality standards; 2. Whether the quality inspection standards are good, and whether there are conditions for mass production and testing; 3. Is the product quality and reliability good, and is there any indicator entry limit. 4. Whether the quality and safety are good. If the type and quality of equipment selected are different, which can cause accidents and affect the normal production and delivery of the company. The quality of landscape lights is decisive. 1. The quality of reliable and high-quality light sources, lamps, and various components should be selected for production; 2. It has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, flexible design and assembly, etc; 3. It has the characteristics of industrial grade DC drive and AC drive, and has excellent luminous flux maintenance rate; 4. Capable of active operation or reinstallation; 5. Reduce operating costs and allow for immediate replacement of light sources

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