How to Choose a Good bespoke lighting Factory

How to Choose a Good éclairage sur mesure Factory LED Light Strip Quotation Table LED Light Strip Specific Usage Requirements Table What is the Quotation Table White Light Silk Screen.

Classification and categories of outdoor signage: The total channel of outdoor signage is the largest, and the method of increasing the total channel of lightboxes is to use outdoor display guidance corresponding methods to correctly guide audience information.

It can save capital costs to make an example of the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival Lantern Festival beyond the VIP, which means that different kinds of lights are hung around.

A standard outdoor signage can also reduce some capital costs such as construction period expenses, thereby improving competitiveness.

The quotation for a standard outdoor signage also includes several factors such as expenses for various components (such as anti-corrosion metal and plug-in metal wires, cabinet wires, other business scope, and price).

Wire. It can be classified into product markets and wire bases, as well as multi mold or process wire. In addition to well-known brands, all models purchased have dual color lines, and suitable products can be placed according to specific needs.

Non standard hospitals: customize according to the number of people, including equipment system engineering for non-standard hospitals, equipment customization for non-standard hospitals, large-scale composite engineering, freight transportation, medical treatment, modification, testing, and other equipment.

Medical treatment: standards for measuring materials, imported quality, presence or absence of fixed gas sources, positioning accuracy standards, stability standards for imported heat sources, overall heat source structural stability measures, accurate automatic power supply and distribution systems, stable and reliable power consumption.

After the project is completed, quickly customize according to the project location and outpatient area requirements. If the lighting fixtures are fixed with screws according to the recent arrangement and perspective plan, screws and nuts can be fixed except for the top and part of the physical property code, and a screwdriver can be used to distinguish symbols. In the case of wall laying, equipment cabinet, etc., use a dedicated positioning drill bit and positioning shaft as the measurement method, take out the positioning distance measurement, insert the positioning weight to the lowest point, and set screws to fix the positioning position inside the positioning cabinet. Then, use inkjet to screw in the accessory screws until the equipped tools are installed in the correct position, and then fix the positioning shaft in sequence.

Conduct regular inspection and maintenance according to the operating standards for installing and repairing equipment in accordance with this guide, including the use of this ordering process, installation method, lamp placement position, height, size, paint number, fault situation, etc.

The working modes of each system are different, and the requirements for workshop cleaning are also different. Generally, the workshop needs to be kept properly clean and undamaged.

The illumination at intervals varies, and the lighting at the height of the workshop also varies. The lighting at the height of the workshop is also different.

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