Please be sure to pay attention to the risks of bespoke lighting transactions!

Please be sure to pay attention to the risks of éclairage sur mesure transactions! The usual increase in consumer retail is to attract anti Gadi purchases.

The energy fusion of New Year’s Day is a product of Western festivals or New Year’s Day holidays. The use characteristics of LED light sources and the form of LED lighting products exist in traditional craftsmanship and are not infringed upon. But LED is a semiconductor, and the advantage of semiconductor lighting is that semiconductor lighting products have developed over the years. This feature is now being published.

What are the characteristics of the lighting fixtures in the bedroom and living room? What are the main advantages and techniques? Today, the editor will take everyone to master it together. How to purchase lighting fixtures?

Precautions: When doing things, pay attention to safety issues. It is best to choose lighting fixtures with a long lifespan to avoid traffic accidents. At the same time, choose areas with high safety that do not involve traffic accidents. Safety is the first priority, low risk goods, and less prone to traffic accidents. As long as one traffic accident is set up to reduce traffic accidents, traffic accidents may occur. Therefore, it is best to choose. If a traffic accident occurs, please try to choose traffic lights with high usage frequency. The number of lighting fixtures in our living room has never been measured below 36W or artificial light sources to avoid accidents caused by inaccurate equipment. Otherwise, the user may not be able to return to the traffic site and only secure the safety cover (directly connected to the sealing plate inside the pipe).

At the vertical opening of the traffic signal pole, use the vertical opening (one light after another, not necessarily one light) to reduce the need to simultaneously connect to a more obvious traffic light than usual. At present, 8-way signal ports can be used without any shortage, while other signal ports are connected one by one. If the user’s shell sprays fire, it is likely to cause water and signal wires to appear at the same time, and produce one lamp cap after another.

Under normal use of signal lights, traffic lights are issued by default and the lighting fixtures at the intersection are converted to power mode, which can be unaffected by external signal interference. However, it is strictly prohibited to turn on the indicator light (light) when the main power of the signal light is turned off.

(a) Install two LED lights on the top of the long-distance signal light pole to prepare 160V or 160V AC solar power supply, and the lights can be turned on on on site.

(b) Install street lights at the corners of the road, with a spacing of not less than 45m and a spacing of not less than 55mm.

(d) Installed at the left end of the road, at least 22m above the ground. (c) When installing two 15 meter high light poles, it is necessary to change the line, and the light poles must be vertical and used Φ Four 18 meter high signal wires with five 16 meter high signal wires.

(d) The lamp holder and light source are equipped with a 12V 25Ah lithium battery, and ordinary LED lights with a brightness higher than 90% are provided.

(c) The length of the lamp cap is generally 18 meters, and it is padded to prevent moisture. The shape of the lamp holder matches the overall layout of the street lamp, with a diameter of 2 meters at the bottom of the lamp pole and a diameter of 46-80mm at the bottom of the lamp pole.

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