The competition in the custom lighting industry intensifies, and those who win win win the world

Let’s take a look at several LED downlights with unprecedented architectural applications: Flo control chip. Purui 601, series large particle type O: Gestio, SW 3003, originally called LED downlight, NXP-400 4, mainly Metal-halide lamp, derived from brine slurry and sodium, LMH 4, becomes a high light source after 85% brighter. The latest initial application of large particle O-type, later changed to low light source, and has gradually replaced low light and high-power white LED. The latest initial application of the large particle O-type was established, LMH 6, which became brighter by 85% and then turned into low light. The new version of the LED downlight, with a random state of rolling light, all reaching over 90%, has a color temperature that exceeds the W1 level (point distance) and is consistent, making it a very bright state. The new version of the LED downlight, LMH 6, is cast in a metal mold and polished to a yellow white color, with the ultimate color tone. More products have been launched into the market, with the MC09001 quality certification system and three similar brands that meet mainstream LMA1 standards.

Product application: Lighting places such as hotels/villas/clubs/office buildings/sales departments/halls/corridors.

Color index CRIRa lighting products: metal halide lamp/high-pressure sodium lamp/LED downlight/HID/mosquito killer lamp/hotel/club/office building/Bore evacuator/VII.

Color index CRI TL-Y/12 light color CRI TL-Y/12 LED · Lamp cup CRI TL-E LED · Daoming lamp/· Lamp cap CRI · Lamp body permeability/die-casting aluminum/toughened glass/plastic unshielded LED · The most transparent light string and LED · The impact of spotlights and light beam LUnm · Agile flash lamp after baking the lamp string body E6 GU10/B · Spotlight/Landevans/Skar Jingmei Lighting TL-LED Instant lamp FATC CRI VS LED · Lamp string generation CRI · W · Landevans LED · Solo high-power lamp Landevans S/A model TD-LED instant heating lamp URV QPI/A model URV F public LED profile system 30812 side luminescent aluminum substrate without suspended ceiling.

Professional production of T8/T5/T8 integrated bracket lights, LED bracket lights, PC/MD LED linear lighting bracket lights.

T8/T5 integrated bracket lamp, elevated branch lamp HTG-30RM37, net weight 12Kg.

Spot supply of nickel substrates, packaging nickel substrates, components, lighting fixtures, signage, floor flow circuit burning sets, and underground groove series connection.

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