Appliques murales

Wall sconces can be cleverly applied as a decoration matching expert. For example, the layout style of the stairwell largely depends on the arrangement of the lamps. Different styles of lamps have different arrangements. If the stairs in the home are decorated with a semi-spiral simple European style, then the design of the lamps can be selected according to the color of the wall wallpaper in the stairwell.

The decorative effect can be considered from the floor lamps and wall sconces . The warm yellow wallpaper of broken flowers is reflected by the warm-colored double-headed European-style wall lamps and the warm white buried lamps, which makes the whole home look more warm and comfortable. With goose-yellow marble stair treads, the decorative effect of the entire home is instantly highlighted.

The arrangement and installation of wall sconces are not only the installation of lamps at the gate. For large-sized villas, the stair aisle also lacks the decoration of lamps. Wall sconce matching with the decorative design of the aisle wall, the spotlight design embedded in the ceiling can not only highlight the decorative effect of the aisle wall, but also match the lighting design of the entire ceiling space. We are a professional wall sconce manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!