What have the bespoke lighting industries presented in recent years?

What have the éclairage sur mesure industries presented in recent years? The main feature of customization is the export of Foshan lighting fixtures.

In the increasingly growing import market, sales have been increasing in recent years. At the same time, the requirements for bespoke lighting are also increasing. With the increasing number of bespoke lighting courses, this has also prompted lighting manufacturers to enter a better market. Foshan lamps and lanterns introduce advanced processing equipment from abroad, coupled with advanced panel technology system, which can be customized to better meet customers’ industry requirements based on their understanding of the product.

In the past two years, with the development of the market, many fields have presented a wide range of bespoke lighting customers. In order to fully and conveniently install, use, maintain, and enhance customized LED light strips with colleagues, Foshan Shunde Lighting’s HSV4004 and others.

LED general lighting is one of the major trends in the lighting industry, especially at present, completely different from ordinary lighting. With the significant differences between domestic and foreign LEDs, they integrate the functional characteristics of LED light sources, further amplifying the main application directions of LED light strips from the following aspects. In addition, intelligent controllers have been introduced to achieve more types of luminous characteristics, thereby achieving a more diverse performance effect.

LED light strips are often used for indoor decorative lighting. The use of DC LED has a higher cost-effectiveness compared to the commonly used light strips. It not only improves the lighting level of the lamp, but also enriches the color of the light. Meanwhile, due to the LED’s stepless current regulation, which does not produce flickering or glare, the LED light strip uses a white light (market light core) band switch, and the external button switch (flashing) is touched by the dynamic flashing symbol gear; When the flashing frequency is changed to 100Hz, lighting is automatically enabled. Due to its ultra-low power consumption and long lifespan, the P and N zones execute buttons such as “automatic shutdown after power outage”. Therefore, in certain lighting projects during holidays and in the future, the P zone has excellent non-destructive performance: preventing the honeycomb effect.

LED lights are widely used in automotive lighting, decorative lights, and LED light strips with unified light types due to their advantages such as rich colors, energy efficiency, high luminous efficiency, convenient use, display index, and wide wavelength range.

LED light strips are used to decorate decorative lighting strips, making the lighting effect more vivid and colorful. It is an important decorative light strip for creating a romantic atmosphere.

The use of LED slideshow light strips is much lower than that of LED and neon lights, making it easy to use. It has bright colors, compact appearance, and can also choose various light sources. Due to its extraordinary advantages in color, its service life is very long and its discrimination rate is also very high.

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