France adjusted its bespoke lighting industry chain last month

This has led to the outbreak of sales in global stores, resulting in low growth efficiency, and partially affecting the operation of home lighting. The lighting fixtures may still be in a period of fashion and design trends, and the selling prices of lighting fixtures are positive.

Abbreviated as “glazed lamp”, it is used to appreciate the delicious lighting fixtures containing these types of rice in a specific lamp, used in large entertainment venues such as specific festivals, artistic lighting, and lantern festivals, often with significant differences in the market.

Glass lampshade: Made from glass produced by traditional processes, it not only uses frosted glass as a transparent material in production, but also has better transparency, creating a special transparent effect. It can also filter wavelengths>400nm, making the glass harder and more transparent.

Craft Lighting Store: After 9 years, professional lighting brands have become long-term partners for cooperation; And we have confidence in the entire lighting industry, constantly exploring and exploring how to refine the market, make everything better for consumers, and make consumers more satisfied. We must constantly strive.

● Selection of Lighting Accessories: There will be miscellaneous discussions before purchasing lighting fixtures: How to choose good Xi’an landscape lighting fixtures Xuzhou landscape lighting fixtures Xuzhou landscape lighting fixtures market sales Xuzhou landscape lighting fixtures market sales Xuzhou landscape lighting fixtures manufacturer Xuzhou Zhonghe Ecological Park Xuzhou LED landscape lights Xuzhou lawn lights Xuzhou street lights Xuzhou high pole lights Xuzhou landscape lights.

High quality courtyard lights: The battery panel adopts a lead-acid maintenance free production process, which is conducive to oxidation and.

The strong European style collides with the glass curtain wall to magnify the visual effect. By using mirror lighting, the lighting fixtures have a soft halo and no added spots.

The space utilizes multiple material combinations, such as natural courtyard landscape sketches and classical courtyard landscapes with courtyard elements.

How to arrange courtyard landscape lights is more effective, increasing the atmosphere of life and having strong ornamental value. The plastic landscape design creates a rich pattern in the courtyard landscape.

The purpose of road lighting design is to provide lighting for people to travel on a certain route at night and add some lighting to the scenery, adding some lighting to the road

High pole lamp: generally refers to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel column type lamp pole and a high-power combination lamp frame above 15 meters. It is composed of a lamp head, internal lighting electrical, pole body, and some foundation. The shape of the lamp holder can be determined according to user requirements, surrounding environment, and lighting needs; The internal lighting fixtures are mostly composed of floodlights and floodlights, with NG400 high-pressure sodium lamps as the light source and a lighting radius of up to 60 meters. The pole body is generally a cylindrical single body structure, made of rolled steel plates, with a height of 25-40 meters, which refers to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel column type lamp pole and a high-power combined lamp holder above 25 meters. It consists of a lamp head, internal lighting fixture electrical, pole body, and base part.

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