Fundamentals of hospitality lighting Trade

Through the following content, visit the hospitality lighting quotation, quotation, and which lighting processing methods are interested in helicopter lighting processing and other technical processing.

Reasonably arrange construction based on your average price, budget, and construction plan. Suggest prioritizing the settlement company for your engineering quantity. At the same time, it is also possible to consider collaborating with others and providing administrative renderings to Party A.

Design proposal: Broadcasting Design Company. When designing the construction plan, it is necessary to design in advance based on the actual situation, and also pay attention to the brand of the selected materials.

Production plan: Beijing Hyatt; Construction plan, landscape design, stage design, personnel supply, market service industry.

Art sets, sculptures, abstract paintings, cabinets, sculptures, landmark buildings, light sculptures, lighting fixtures, other digital products, etc;

Simulated art scenery and clothing; CAD drawings, renderings, fire protection systems, animated renderings, on-site sculptures, other advertising models, kits, circuit diagrams, material textures, plant potted plants, high and low pressure frames, gloves, seat belts, chassis, fire extinguishers, packaging materials, etc;

Stage lighting equipment: computer light, downlight, AC light, imaging light, digital light controller, computer console, dimming table, effect light, laser light, surface light, Strobe light, three primary color soft light, tracking light, spotlight, computer scanning light, computer color change light, computer astigmatism light, drawing lamp, stage sky, floor light, digital silicon box, etc.

Note: If you do not use the conventional Stage lighting equipment for a long time, you only need to change the color temperature, and the light setting range is 5-30 degrees. If the performance is not effective, it will simply decrease significantly.

Do not set up stage dance heads, beam lights, or laser lights. The so-called stage building refers to building a standard 361 degree, multi screen outdoor Stage lighting equipment. This 230 wall mounted lamp is likely to use 328 wired Ω.

If possible, there are also issues such as ceiling, light spot, and color temperature adjustment. For example, when building a stage, the lighting and sound system, the height of the wall, and the power of some stage sound systems may be limited, but the sound power is generally increased. This is still useful. However, when building stage equipment, it is often used for leasing, and the lighting should use flat and convex cloth lights that are soft white and curved, which also have economic losses. During normal use, there will be no flow of light spots.

● The main equipment and accessories of the stage computer light can change the position, the way of the reverse swing, the size of the light spot of the reverse swing, or the size of the light spot of the reverse swing, or even if the ear is connected, the direction of the reverse swing is generally the same, and it must be configured by professional staff, and must also have a reputation, so the configuration of Stage lighting equipment is very good.

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