Glass Chandeliers

Glass chandeliers are the most common among chandeliers. Due to the changeable shape of glass, good light transmission, and sometimes even like crystal, it is the preferred material for chandeliers.

During the design and production of lamps, we are constantly looking for the perfect blend of new technologies and materials. The combination of crystal-like glass and high-quality brass materials is a good example. If combined with innovative lighting methods, it can perfectly present soft natural light and create a comfortable home environment.

In terms of material properties, glass chandeliers are classified into several categories: profiles (slats), explosion-proof pipes and charge. Profiles generally include flat green glass, ultra-clear glass and reticulated flat glass, plum blossom tubes, hexagonal and octagonal glass rods, triangular rods, etc. Explosion-proof pipes are generally processed manually after heating glass pipe profiles. The hearth processing methods are: machine-pressed glass, centrifugal glass, hand-made glass and blown glass, all of which require molds. We are a professional glass chandelier manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us!

Glass Chandelier