Glass Table Lamp

Glass Table Lamps

The function of the glass table lamp is mainly to illuminate, which is convenient for reading, learning, and work.

A glass table lamp is a household appliance used for lighting in people’s lives. The light bulbs used in general table lamps are incandescent lamps and energy-saving light bulbs.Table lamps are classified according to their functions: reading table lamps, decorative table lamps, accompanying reading table lamps, and portable table lamps.

Reading glass table lamp, the lamp body is simple and light in appearance, refers to a table lamp specially used for reading and writing, this kind of table lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction and brightness of the light, mainly for the lighting reading function. The decorative table lamp has a luxurious appearance, various materials and styles, and a complex lamp body structure. It is used to embellish the space effect.

The decorative function is as important as the lighting function. The glass table lamp in the living room has far surpassed the value of the table lamp itself, and the table lamp has become a rare work of art. Under the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, the decorative function of table lamps is more obvious. We are a professional glass table lamp manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!