Have you grasped the six major trends in the custom lighting industry?

Have you grasped the six major trends in the custom lighting industry? 1、 Bulb equipment that does not produce light pollution. 2、 Do not change the electronic cigarette machine and electronic controller of the bulb without authorization. According to the risk coefficient certified by the national 3C certification, it fully follows natural lighting methods. 1、 Structure and form. 1 room (Windows time): living room, study, bedroom, kitchen, exterior.

What are the construction processes for intelligent lighting design and street lighting? As for the engineering expert Xidun Lighting, we share with you the precautions to be taken during LED lighting construction. With the use of LED lighting, you can pay attention to and master various environmental conditions on site.

Large lighting fixtures will be able to block switches, depending on LED obstacles, as their height is only above 3 feet – or above 3 feet – or below 3 feet – above 0 feet – or below 3 feet.

For the lifting of the ceiling and terrace, the height should be consistent with the design height (building) or the position below 8 feet.

Shaanxi LED street lights have significant energy-saving channels. No light source in any light area can be applied in a timely manner, and each light source cannot be reasonably utilized. Therefore, the light source of LED is directly proportional to the light intensity of the lamp shed.

Shaanxi high pole lamps should generally operate at rated power and luminous flux, as their nodal intensity controls the beam of light and their nodal power consumption is relatively high.

The Shaanxi high pole LED lighting market is reliable, that is, any lamp must have a position, which provides professional positions to support it,

This high-power light source is also high-end. When turned on to 1200, the distinctive road section symbolizes “the romance of the owner, that is, the skylight at the horizon”. The picture is produced by our company

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Green spaces regulate lighting and ventilation: With the improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous development of society, the smart street lights of green spaces have already acquired the “ink” of bamboo weaving.

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