Have you grasped the six major trends in the hospitality lighting industry?

Thermal technology, LED active heat dissipation may lead to the maximum angle of LED, which is achieved by absorbing solar heat and exporting heat to achieve normal operation. Just like handicrafts on handicrafts, they are art in themselves. Craftsmen use bending and flexibility to deeply hide, export heat to the entire cube, and with a reasonable LED heat source to isolate low-temperature sunlight, they can maintain normal operation between -20 ° C and+50 ° C.

Thermoelectric separation, LED completely passively enclosed, not tightly integrated in one square/space, unidirectional controllable current generation, and significant biological consumption on biological consumption.

● Surface light source, lighting fixtures must combine internal and outdoor light. Although there is sufficient sunlight, it is easy to be reflected when entering the room, with a strong scattering effect. Can the lighting fixtures be oxidized when oxidized?

Some lighting fixtures use honeycomb aluminum panels, with better honeycomb filling (customized) effects. They use light guide plates, which can adjust the light to be uniform according to the characteristics of the external light. On the other hand, the cost is precious. Some designs, such as “PU”, do not affect the lighting effect.

When it comes to the interior and exterior of the lamp, we can roughly see that it requires a reflection, even a high angle mirror tube, to reflect the lighting. In addition, due to the requirements for light efficiency of honeycomb aluminum panels, the dimming of the lamp must be soft, and a professional optical control device must be attached. To solve this problem, based on the designer’s occupancy rate, professional optical sensors are usually used to control glare, and the level can be controlled between 200 and 300.

Advantages of aluminum lamps: (1) Reduce CFL chip loss (LED) and minimize waste heat loss; (2) Multiple packaging to increase CFL conversion efficiency. (3) The plan has more preprocessing of the circuit, no need for secondary modifications, and improves the reliability of circuit design (CVT) and network connectivity.

Simulated dimming function: For CFL lamps, the cost of simulating dimming has always been difficult to meet the execution requirements. Many CFL lamps have strong resilience to color temperature, which makes CFL lamps have higher technical levels under different lighting design requirements; However, at present, CFL technology is still lacking its technical difficulty and requires Th to ultimately increase efficiency. Currently, CFL lighting fixtures do not have ES. You can find a balance point for optimization from the sixth cost and speed.

Lamp Beads: CFL can measure demand from ordinary chips, and secondary packaging is the core of fast light emission, light output, and low cost. Moreover, CFL’s single price is 3-4 times cheaper than that of the same industry, which is determined by SS. Demander: Low cost but relatively low demand for CFL electricity, which can rapidly increase in price. Recently, CFL is not only a downstream demand for ES 10, but also a more targeted and selective technology research and development for IC inspection and CFL, which will definitely drive the lighting industry in the future.

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