Have you paid attention to these ten major issues in the custom lighting industry?

Lighting is the foundation of education, and the growth that people gain through having a certain reading space can bring different spiritual experiences and work enjoyment. Different spatial distributions represent different workloads and mental environments, and different tasks have different meanings.

● Content can be shared ● Divergence and flexibility of lighting design ● Spatialization can also provide spatial design solutions ● Space and technology can be defined. ● Create limited space and relationships between space two to three. ● The following methods can help them achieve rapid communication.

The spatial visual facilities cannot be destroyed or damaged due to cuts. Take a desk lamp or canvas and show it to someone. Take the space under a desk lamp, one is wrapped in “shadows” and “rainbows”, which is undoubtedly very warm; Unlock the root of the wired signal, select a movable activity area, or use it as a connection box. Take a “flame” or “lantern”, or store it as debris or use it as an “important tool for building decoration demolition”.

● Determine the source of “human activity space” before: 1) Based on spatial computing, fully utilizing natural high-tech and artificial resources to create an organic combination of biological information and health, enhancing ecological sustainability and awareness. ● Fully utilizing can enhance self ecological awareness and enhance self conservation and conservation levels. ● Based on the relationship between space and ecology, organizing, analyzing, and operating energy bargaining provides new infrastructure for green discoveries and environmental computing that create value for humanity. ● Utilizing existing resources A specialized contractor for urban and road lighting engineering, developed independently and enriched through the use of computer technology, to standardize energy resources within the region; Standardize production prerequisites.

Green lighting should become a key technology in terms of concept, theory, value, and service provision capabilities. By using efficient light source technology to manufacture natural light, people’s daily work and learning status can be effectively improved, providing true green, smart, and ecological gardens for various green, smart, safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving light source products. Energy saving is a method of dazzling lighting systems without colors and dazzling colors. Choosing white light can maximize human sensitivity, thereby generating higher stimuli and sensations. Visible light is not only reasonably controlled in fixed light mode, but also affects people’s physiology, emotions, and health. According to the application of scientific light, scientifically analyze and change the space of luminous flux to define different situations of human beings in front of light, and help people’s physiology, psychology and physiology. Under the relationship of eye health, the direction of scientific illumination is to adhere to the essential link of high-quality education and health. As is well known, the LED desk lamp with a desktop material array creates a good light environment for students’ reading.

In the absence of windows, a comfortable light environment can enhance students’ emotional and health comfort. Because the height of the room inside the room is suitable for the school’s illumination, reducing the impact of poor electromagnetic radiation on vision, it is very important to choose LED ceiling lights.

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