High end commercial circle of hospitality lighting

The trend of high-end commercial circles in hospitality lighting is that the lighting of the hotel has achieved good vertical illumination uniformity on the illuminating surface and bottom surface of the tube lamp, allowing consumers to easily experience the charm of the lighting, thereby improving space value and the life experience of family members.

The brightness of light sources, lighting angles, and lighting methods all vary. The standards required for hospitality lighting include light sources, supporting processing techniques, and other requirements.

Is LED light sources and LED lighting fixtures the same thing? What is the difference between LED light sources and LED lighting fixtures?

What color is the TL84 light source? What is the difference between TL84 light source and TL83, CEP?

The voltage of the light source refers to the input terminal of the LED light source. According to the working voltage of the LED light source, the general order is DC 24V, and the input terminal of the lamp is AC voltage. DC AC220V communication or DC 3V communication power supply.

LED light sources and LED lighting fixtures are different, and they do not allow the use of light sources alone. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly comply with the usage requirements.

The surface of the reflective light source is formed by ultra-high color temperature uniform glass cold light, and the glass layer refracts LED light onto the glass layer. The glass layer, especially the high-pressure sodium lamp, will organically combine together. Under the excitation of the glass layer, the reflective light effect of the glass layer is closer to sunlight, and LED belongs to cold light.

The common LED light source is the light source received by the human eye. According to different LED light colors, the difference in human eye perception is not significant. So different white LED light sources correspond to different colors with different color temperature and light. Generally speaking, the color tone of warm light that the human eye perceives is a match between these two tones.

When matched with a red light filter (infrared light filter), adjacent color patches will act as shading, making the light uniform up and down.

At present, there are specialized metal die-casting mold components on the market, and it is best to use thin films before molding through molds.

For metal die-casting molds, many metal die-casting molds will accumulate before and after the mold is formed, but after the mold is formed, it will naturally lose its original quality.

Electronic ovens also have materials for metal screen printing, as the printing process can have obvious defects. Therefore, when choosing a metal oven, the most important method is!

If there are defects in metal molds, anodized substrates, and metal screen printing molds, most manufacturers will still use traditional PMT processes to oxidize and anodize the aluminum surface. So, if there is a problem, it indicates that the production is not qualified.

The first type of mechanical body material is currently relatively standardized, with automatic punching type. Its total volume, size, and texture will vary equally, and these are determined based on the machine’s own technology. The second type is the machine body with light weight,

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